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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Cap'n!

That's right, the Captain is celebrating his third anniversary on the Internet:

Three years. 8,156 posts. Over 109,000 comments and 16,000 trackbacks. 23 million visits. And the best blog community in the 'sphere.

As the kids are still away, it falls to me to honor this man. And to issue him a big thank you. When I first joined the kids, before being diagnosed with breast cancer, they pounded it into my head that there should be five stops in the blogosphere everyday. In no particular order they are:

Hugh Hewitt
Captain's Quarters
The Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds
Little Green Footballs
Michelle Malkin

"They're the big guns in the 'sphere," they said. "Watch these five, and you'll know what's going on in the world."

They weren't kidding.

One of the memories I have of Captain's Quarters is the breaking of the Canadian scandal where he obtained sealed court information, and put the news out. Day after day for weeks, he would release information about the scandal that was rocking the government and Parliament. It was top-notch investigative reporting the likes of which hasn't reared it's head around MSM offfices for some time. He was a boon to the 'sphere then, and he's still going strong.

Congratualtions, Captain, on three great years, and here's to three--at the very least--more to come!

Sabrina McKinney


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