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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Apologies All Around

When I put up the past couple days wortth of posts regarding the Mark Foley situation, I was under the assumption that I had read enough of the news, and could make an educated assessment of the incident. The kids, however, differ in opinion. Actually, Thomas does. While they have not been online and blogging, they have been watching this story closely. Thomas pointed out that a couple things I have stated here are incorrect. I apologize to readers for those mistakes.

First, I have been blogging under the assumption that the GOP's warning to Foley came in 2003. That's not the truth. Their warning came in 2005 when the e-mails and IMs came to their attention, and it was at that time that they asked the FBI to look at them. THEN the FBI stated they saw no wrongdoing. It didn't happen in 2003, as I thought I had read.

Second, The FBI did not make an official statement stating that they found no evidence at the time. This was reiterated by Speak Hastert and Majority Leader Goehner. As yet, there is no official statement--that I can find--where the FBI stated, on the record, that they found no evidence of misdeed in those e-mails and IMs.

And speaking of that correspondance, I'd like to addrsss the descriptions of them within the media. This includes ALL of the media--both mainstream and what many consider to be "conservative3" media sources. They are stating that these messages were blatant, overly-sexual, and explicit in both nature and demeanor. While these messages can be construed to mean such things, there is nothing in them that denotes that Mark Foley was propositioning or eluding to sex with these boys. (This statement is based on what I've read. If there is information to the contrary. address e-mails to "Sabrina" in the subject line, and include a link; not a diatribe. E-mail those concerns to MrAndMrsSmithIki@aol.com.)

I'd also like to point out that despite the two mistakes I have admitted above, it really changes nothing. The House leaders weren't aware of this until 2005, at which time they counseled him. When they discovered it had continued, they asked for his head. And Mark Foley is still a piece of garbage, regardless of his own personal demons. The good thing is that he's gone, the FBI is investigating, and it looks like charges will be filed. Good riddance.

Again, my apologies to readers for the punditry on the site. I was wrong, and I stand corrected. From this point forward, I'll keep my mouth shut regarding Foley until more facts emerge. And if the House leaders have lied about what they knew and when they knew it, I'll be right here calling for their resignations. This sort of behavior is reprehensible, and needs to be addressed qucikly, not swept under the rug. As it stands, with all intents and purposes, the House leadership appears to have done it's job, and gotten rid of a bad congressman.

Sabrina McKinney

UPDATE: According to Little Green Footballs it appears that I'm not the only one who owes an apology to people:

There’s now evidence that the fever swamp blogosphere (led by the vicious John Avarosis, who runs one of the ugliest of the lefty hate sites, Americablog), deliberately concealed information about Mark Foley for months without any concern for potential victims of Foley’s advances, so they could spring it on the public at election time. Gateway Pundit has a roundup: Get Your Lawyers... Foleygate Scandal About to Bust Open!

Mr. Avarosis, I hope, understands that if he did hold onto this infoirmation,a nd didn;t notify authorities that he's an accessory to a crime. Of course, he'll never face the music, and his tactics and behavior seems to be reaching the same crescendo that the Democrat leaders are right now in this scandal. I stand by my statement that if the Democrats hadn't immediately gone on the attack, this would be hurting the Republicans a bit more, especially in an election season. They're not hurting their opposition at all. If they were, then the poll numbers starting this week should have reflected that damage. They didn't. Same stupid tactics by the same stupid people.


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