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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

No Nukes! No Nukes!

No. I haven't switched sides. I'm still a conservative. But the above tiotle applies to the "norks" test yesterday. Allah reveals that which Bill Gertz stated in today's Wasington Times, and what Michael Yon confirmed today.

Simply put, the "Norks" test yesterday wasn't nuclear.

A very well-placed government source told me Tuesday afternoon that the North Korean explosion was non-nuclear. The explosion may have been an actual nuclear test — this is unknown — but the source reports the outcome was non-nuclear. The source stressed the importance of bearing in mind that though the explosion occured in North Korea — if it was actually a test and not merely a dictator clamoring for attention and influence — the test may have been by or for the Iranians. The source reported that American physicists with access to the information see no sign of nuclear activity, however. My source also mentioned that Japanese sensors picked up no radiation signatures.

This further confirms some of what Bill Gertz reported in the Washington Times this morning.

Now Allah points out that some believe this test may have been a form of cover for Iran. In the 28th of Spetember, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave an address that should have piqued everyone's interest, especially in this key passage:

They are not opposed to the [nuclear] bomb. They are not opposed to nuclear weapons. After all, they have equipped some false regimes in our region with a variety of nuclear weapons, and they are not worried at all. Every day, they make, chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, yet they are not worried. But if our people obtains nuclear energy for peaceful purposes - that would make them worry. Why? The answer is clear. They know that the Iranian people - because of its past culture, its past civilization, its intelligent youth, its human and material potential - has the capacity to quickly become an invincible global power. This will happen as soon as it achieves advanced technologies.

I have to ask what advanced technologies are they striving for? They have nuclear power that they're using for electricity, or so they say. They use it in medical technology. In other words, they have the peaceful purposes covered there. So what advanced technologies evade them? Why, the ones for war, of course. One can't be "invincible" through peace. Peaceful nations that purport to support only peace will be quickly toppled by violent forces. (This should be a history lesson that the Iranians shouldn;'t have forgotten, and I'm betting they haven't.) The advanced technologies that the Iranian mullahs want are those of destruction, and not of peace.

The "Nork" test could have been a sort of crutch for Iran. To date, Iran hasn't had the capacity to construct a nuclear warhead. The "Norks" do. But, if the world sees that a nation like North Korea can't construct a working one, then there's a possibility that Iran might not be able to build one. People will see this, and begin ignoring the threat that Iran truly is. It's a shadow game.

People take for granted what they see in Iran, and forget that it's the world's fourth largest oil exporting nation in the world. They have money, and a lot of it. The "Norks" don't. It's struggling to survive. But because we see that Iran's in the Middle East, and so much poverty is shown on the news from the Middle East, people will begin to think that Iran will have the same failures as North Korea. But that would be a dangerous idea to have, and one that the world will regret.

Also, it's wise to remember that both North Korea and Iran were on the receiving end of nuclear information and technology from the AQ Khan network. With the "Norks" suffering under the Kim Jong-Il regime, and with his continued nutty desire for nuclear warheads, would it be outside the realm of possibility if a deal were struck between the two? Both hate the United States, and I honestly wouldn't put it past either nation to strike a nuclear deal that could move Iran one step closer to being a serious global power, and a veritable threat to the Western world.

Sabrina McKinney

UPDATE: As I posted this, news broke from Reuters through the Japanese News Service that North Korea may have conducted another test. They claim that their seismic equipment picked up a tremor, but according to A FOX TV report, Allah states that South Korea says they've detected nothing.


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