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Monday, October 09, 2006

This Will Not Excite Or Embolden The Base In November

Michelle Malkin and Allah at Hot-Air are fuming over this move by the president to lolly-gag over the Secure Fence Act. And they're right to be upset. And Captain's Quarters addresses the legal issues concerning a possible pocket veto for the legislation.

In short, a pocket veto will occur on this legislation if the president doesn't sign it by this Wednesday. The legislation was passed by Congress on the 29th of September, then they went into the election recess. Because they're out of session, the president has ten days to pass it, or else it will be null and void. Were Congress in session, the law would pass after the ten day window. This is under article I, Section 1 of the Constitution. Mr. Morrissey expolains the Supreme Court's ideas regarding the pocket veto, and contends that the poresident can still send it back to Congress after their recess, but their recess ends on November 9th--two days AFTER the election.

Which means that neither the president nor Congress took this issue seriously. Michelle has stated on her site that unless something changes (like the president signing the legislation) she's sitting out the election. Allah has stated he'll vote a straight Democrat ticket in November if the president doesn't sign it. And they represent a good number of voices in the GOP's base. The base has been screaming for the border fence for some time now, in addition to new immigration enforcement. The administration and Congress have dragged their feet on this issue. Apparently, these people think we don't have a problem in this nation regarding illegal immigration.

The fence was a sound first step in securing the border. Immigration reform failed in Congress, but the fence was set. The appropriations for the fence was all that needed to be agreed to. The Secure Fence Act has that in it, and again, we're treated to foot-dragging.

This is a tactic that is completely flawed. At a time when the GOP is hammering the Democrats on their inability to handle national security, a national security issue is staring them in the face, and they're yawning at it. Their inaction isn't going to get the base out to vote for continued control of Congress by the GOP. And while we still maintain the prediction regarding the election--that the Democrats won't retake either House--it seems dependent on this legislation being signed. If it's not, those on the center-right aren't going to spin this in favor of the GOP. We're going to hit them with ten tons of bricks, and it may be enough to keep the base home. (And for those that think the president DID sign this last week, both Michelle and Mr. Morrissey point out that he didn't sign it. That was a different bill, and not once in his remarks did he even say the word "fence.")

A week ago, Mark Foley was the issue for the Democrats, and they were playing it up incredibly to their own detriment. People were sick of hearing them talk about Foley and his antics in Congress. The Democrats received no significant bump in the polls from Foley. Their plan had backfired, and it looked like the GOP could pull off the win. Now, I'm not so sure. This issue is an important one. It ranked right up there with national security as an election year issue. And here we have the GOP blowing it's other foot off.

I don't get it. I can't even begin to comprehend why the administration would do something like this. The people demanded it, and they're being slapped in the face and are being told to be "tolerant" of our southern neighbors flooding into the nation in search of "jobs that Americans won't do." Hogwash. You want people to get jobs? Seriously cut welfare, and make them get jobs. The welfare system was a short-term solution for people who fell on rough times, but for oh-so-many, it's become a crutch and an easy paycheck. Why work when Uncle Sam will cut you a check every month, right?

The fence legislation has to be signed. Immigration reform needs to be addressed as soon as the monkeys in Congress get back from their recess. (Do these guys work, or just take recesses?) We not only need to send a message to the nation that we're to be serious regarding illegal immigration, which will send the message to the world, or we're going to be up to our armpits in people that don't belong here. And if real reform isn't addressed, national security is at stake. We NEED to know who is coming here, and for what reasons. We don't have that right now. We don't even have anything close to that. Remember that Mexicans are being asked to boycott businesses like Dunkin Donuts and Applebees because those employers are enforcing the immigration laws. They're not hiring people whose Social Security numbers don't match up with the federal databases.

Those from Mexico, and their enbalers here in America, don't like the idea of fences and accountability. They'd prefer we were just one, big, happy family with no borders. That's fine. Go somewhere else and create a "nation" without borders, but America has them for a reason, and it's not to have these illegals thumb their noses at them. If the president doesn't sign this legislation, and the GOP loses badly in November, the party will have itself to blame. they will have blown a perfect opportunity to stake the Democrats down for the count. Lee Atwater once remarked that you don't let your opponent get back after you have him on the ground. you step on his throat. Politics is a nasty game, and it's becoming apparent that the GOP lacks the killer instinct to finish off their ideological foes.

Sabrina McKinney

UPDATE: Michelle has added this from K-Lo at The Corner:

An e-mail:

There has been some speculation in the blogosphere today that President Bush would not sign the Secure Fence Act, after signing a bill for funding border fencing last week. This is not the case. President Bush will sign the Secure Fence Act.

The CNN clip from President Bush cited by Mickey Kaus is the definitive record on this, and reflects his intention to sign the bill.

Let me know if you have any further questions on this.

When, Ms. Lopez? America is waiting, and rather impatiently, I might add.


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