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Sunday, October 08, 2006

North Korea To Hold Off Nuke Test

According to this report from Yahoo News North Korea has decided now wouldn't be the greatest time to pull this test off:

North Korea is likely to delay a nuclear bomb test until at least year's end to see if the United States will lift sanctions and begin talks, Britain's Sunday Telegraph reported citing Russian officials in Pyongyang.

The paper cited unidentified Russian military officials as saying they had received information Pyongyang intended to give Washington up to three months to lift financial sanctions imposed last year and start direct talks.

"If Americans don't start (a) bilateral dialogue with Pyongyang and lift sanctions, then Kim Jong-Il is expected to give the order to carry on with the test, most likely in the second half of December or early January," one said.

North Korea announced Tuesday that it planned to test a bomb but did not give a date, triggering speculation that it could be as early as this weekend.

The shock announcement led to a UN Security Council statement Friday urging Pyongyang, which last year proclaimed itself a nuclear power, to renounce its intention and return to six-nation talks it has boycotted since last November.

Russian analysts told the Sunday Telegraph that, having built up tensions, the regime was likely now to fall silent.

I'm apt to agree, in part, with the Russians. Kim Jong-Il got the attention of the world, again, and now he's content. (Someone roll out the next piece of meat from Congress so we can move the runt off of our front pages, please?) Just kidding. But seriously, these are the same stunts he pulls every time he sees he's not the center of attention. Is there any reason why he shouldn't be mocked, just a little, for acting like a child at times?

Okay, so here we go again. North Korea wants to negotiate with us directly, rather than return to the six-nation talks. The president has already stated that he won't do one-on-one negotiations with Kim Jong-Il. He can't be trusted. And yes, the financial sanctions are going to stay in place. We don't need him creating a problem with our currency by counterfeiting it. They want our sanctions lifted so others will lift theirs.

And in the meantime, he continues to work on his nuclear program. In a couple of months, when he again goes unnoticed, we'll start this game back up all over again. Threaten, back off, threaten, back off. One would think we would have learned by now that this guy simply wants to be the center of attention. His country is in shambles under the burden of his cruel Communism. A forced labor work force of over 300,000 sitting in his gulags. A country that can't even keep it's power up and running for extended periods. (For an example, refer to this picture of North Korea at night.)

Put simply, I personally think Kim Jong-Il saw just how far he was pushing some people. This isn't just about a face-to-face with America. The threats by Japan to remilitarize aren't phony. And I'm sure they're going to proceed despite this recent decision to stand down. With the cross-border incident today in South Korea, it wouldn't surprise me if the South bolstered it's border defenses. And I'm pretty sure the Phillipines are keeping more sanctions in reserve for the North should it pull this stunt again. Their neighbors in the region aren't happy with them. He got the world's attention in the worst possible way.

And again, China is mum. The moonbats are willing to point fingers at us for "provoking" this action by North Korea, but they never see the forest through the trees. They never see who's pulling the strings in the background. And because they don't, we'll always be vilified in their eyes. They'll give the runt his "air-play" with talking points about how "imperialistic" we're acting.

I'm sorry that's the perception they have. That's not what we intend. However, North Korea's rhetoric, just like that of Ahmadinejad, is extremely hostile to the United States. This man threatened to turn our cities into "towering infernos." Would the moonbats like us to do something, or do they have an SPF1000 for that first nuke that nails LA? The difference between Kim Jong-Il and Ahmadinejad of Iran is that Kim might be persuaded, through the doctrine of MAD, to do as the Soviets did. That was, of course, not hit the US with a nuke.

Our arsenal is a heck of a lot bigger than his; quite possibly ten to twenty times larger. (That's supposition on my part. Current information available doesn't have a confirmed number of North Korean nuclear warheads.)Honestly, does he want to come to the table with a pair of six shooters only, at most, against our gatling gun? I think not. That's pretty stupid. Add to that, Japan has been contemplating deploying nuclear weapons (supplied by us, of course, probably) in defense against North Korea. That alone ups the stakes in the Pacific Rim. and if a remilitarized Japan made China and North Korea a bit nervous, they'll wet their collective Communist knickers if Japan becomes a nuclear-armed nation. That scenario also throws a wrench into China's plans for a fight over Taiwan.

For now, Kim Jong-Il better think real hard about testing his bomb. He says he'll do it by year's end? I say the Japanese amend their constitution by the end of this month to rearm themselves. That just might stave off his idea for a nuclear Christmas. Regardless, I'd put the sanctions in place because of this episode. Teach the runt a lesson of what the world really thinks about him. the more annoying you become, the more you can be ignored. And don't push the US too far. You've no idea the capabilities of this nation.

Sabrina McKinney


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