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Sunday, October 08, 2006

And They Support Which Troops?: The Democrats Caught In A Photoshop Fiasco

Yes, that's true, and no I'm not kidding. Michelle Malkin, Little Green Footballs, Hot Air, and Captain's Quarters all picked up on this one. It seems that on the DNC website, there's a little area for "honoring the troops." The headline for their little tribute reads: "New poll shows GOP Broken Promises Hurting Our Troops."

Now, none of us are disputing the article they have there. (I'm not sure if anyone has actually read it. I'm sure it's full of more of the same pap they always offer up.) What is in contention is the photo. There is a photo to the left of the short article. It's supposed to be an American soldier. As Mr. Johnson shows on his site, the insignia on the beret has been photo-shopped out. But there are accompanying photos showing that those with suspicions regarding the uniform have had them confirmed. That's not a US soldier in the photo. It's a Canadian soldier.

They explain this out so people understand. Mr. Morrissey from Captain's Quarters is someone who knows Canada quite well (and he covers them even better). He picked up on the screwy uniform and found what nation uses them quickly. Any amateur out there can spot this as a mistake. Yes, I said a mistake. There's nothing discovered yet to show this was intentional.

But this should serve as a lesson to voters this year. The people working behind the scenes at the DNC don't even know what uniform a United States soldier wears. Pitiful. These people want control back in the government, and they can't even identify the people who put their @$$e$ on the line every day so they can continue to look as inept as possible, and sound as stupid as they do.

They say that a picture is worth one thousand words. In this case, there are a few that many people would like to throw in their direction. Instead of denying their mistake, or quietly removing and replacing the photo, the DNC needs to admit the mistake, and apologize. The insult is not just to the people of this nation. It's to the troops. They profess to care about them, yet they clearly don't even have the first inkling about them. The Democrats have shown, again, that sloppiness is int heir credo, and that the Internet generation misses nothing. Were it not for bloggers, this would go completely unnoticed.

Sabrina McKinney


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