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Welcome to the Asylum. This is a site devoted to politics and current events in America, and around the globe. The THREE lunatics posting here are unabashed conservatives that go after the liberal lies and deceit prevalent in the debate of the day. We'd like to add that the views expressed here do not reflect the views of other inmates, nor were any inmates harmed in the creation of this site.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Direct Answer

We just received an e-mail. I'll not give out the name (it was asked of us not to use the name) but I'll cite the e-mail--completely and uneditted--and give an answer to this person. I'd also like to point out that we are not singling this person out for any particular reason other than the same old, tired argument that is thrown in our face everyday.

the asylum lolololololol

no kidding. you assholes belong there. you are all a bunch of rah-rah bushies that cant see shit through the clovers. and youre so dishonest in your opinions. you hype up the repugs like their a gift to the world when you cant even see that their just as stupid as your are. thats prolly why you suckers support them and the bushie in the white whore house. thats all you guys care about is keeping the people down with your nazi ways. you assholes make me want to fucking puke. it makes me so angry to see that ass still in a house of honor, like before your precisous reagan asshole, that i hope you assholes get your just rewards when we impeach his ass right out of the fucking country.

Ahem. My apologies to our readers for the foul language. As I said, I was citing it, chapter and verse, as it was. The punctuation and spelling also were unchanged. But I'd like to address the bolded section above.

First off, for all those on the Left that come here, we don't hype up the Republicans or the president. We have gripes with them, and make them perfectly clear when we're in opposition. We haven't given the president a pass on everything. We called him on the carpet when it came to the UAE ports deal, Harriet Miers, and we have criticized some events in this war. We've been critical of the fact he isn't out talking to the American public more, that he takes punch oafter punch without firing back, at least on the odd occasion.

To personify us as "rah-rah bushies" is asinine. Yes, we are Republicnas. And yes, we are conservative. But we're intellectually honest in our opinions, and if ANYTHING changes that opinion, we acknowledge it and explain it. I'll remind our readers that Marcie and Sabrina were both in favor of Harriet Miers' nomination to the USSC, and it was me and me alone, that changed their minds when I showed them her record--an empty manila file folder. In other words, aside from the president's word, there was nothing to show that she would hold true to the proper interpretation of the Constitution. It took me two weeks to convince them of this, but I did. In the end, they posted here about their change in attitude. That is completely legit, and no one should have a problem with that.

Debate is, after all, an attempt to persuade others to see your point of view. I did that, and I'm not apologizing for it. Rarely do we disagree with one another here, and most of that comes from the debate the readers DON'T see that goes on behind the scenes.

When we have a problem with a Republican--be it an elected congressman, the president, or whomever--we make no attempt to hide our disdain when it's called for. Marcie was incensed over the members of the US military brought up on charges from the theater in Iraq, like Ilario Pantano, but she understands that the military has to have its investigations, as well. I love her so much for the emotion she brings here. It is passionate, intelligent, and a sight to behold in person, but in the end, logic takes over and understanding is achieved.

The goal of this site isn't to serve as a mouthpiece for the Republican party. And I'm sorry if readers have perceived that. There have been times (rare as they are) where we have praised not only outlets in the MSM, but elected Democrats, as well. But again, we do it when it's warranted, and as anyone who is a conservative can clearly see, it's not that often. We are honest in our assessments, our opinions, and our thinking. We don't sit idly by and drink the Kool-Aid. This is also one of the reasons why we don't listen to the biggies on talk radio. We like to be challenged to think, and no offense neither Rush or Sean provoke that anymore. We listen to the hosts on the Patriot Radio Network--Laura Ingraham (some of the time), Dennis Prager, Michael Medved (Marice likes him; I don't), and Hugh Hewitt. In addition, we occasionally catch Larry Elder, Mark Levin, and Jerry Doyle. That's it. Only thinkers.

We like to think. We like to debate. We relish in taking the opposition's side in a debate to see how we handle the subject. This is how we stay as sharp as we are. And we don't shirk away from doing research regarding a person, place, or issue. When we post, we post the most relevant, up-to-date information we have in hand. Critiquing our work is one thing (which also fills up our e-mail box with suggestions on what we forgot to add in relevant posts), but to slap us with a wide, general label is uncalled for.

And those who believe that we are nothing more than Republican shills, you obviously haven't read much of us. Go back through our archives on the left-hand side of the site, and read some of our past work. Also, at the top of the links section below the header are the links to our old sites. Go there and read up. We pride ourselves on being intellectually honest when it comes to debate. And many of those we engage int he chatrooms praise us for being honest when so many are unwilling to do that.

So, while we recognize this criticism, these critics now have their answer. We don't support the president 100%. We support him a majority of the time on certain subjects. But his immigration plan was a disaster, and we called him on it. His choice for a USSC justice was disgusting, and we called him on it. Don't generalize this site. We're not that way.

Finally, we appreciate all the e-mails we receive. It shows us that we are connecting with people out there, and that we're not just doing this for our health. If ANYONE wants to contact us (and you don't already know this) we welcome all e-mails at MrAndMrsSmithIki@aol.com. Just put who you're addressing the e-mail to--Thomas, Marcie, or Sabrina, and preferably in regard to the respective post--and it will be read. Don't send us spam garbage. They go right to the spam folder and are deleted each day. Please, keep the critiques coming. Foul language in an e-mail we can handle. In a comment, we won't tolerate it. We'll close the comments on a post if we see foul language there. We do, after all, cater to ALL age ranges, and I'd rather not have the commenters see that. We try to be as professional as possible here, and we censor ourselves here for a reason. Foul language may reinforce an emotional response to an issue, but it adds little to the overall debate.

And that's no more evident than in the e-mail above, which fails to make a single, relevant argument. To our readers, I'm sorry that I stood up on a soapbox today, but I was simply in no mood to deal with e-mails that address us this way. I do hope I clarified our position to the e-mailer, and to our readers.

Publius II


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