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Monday, November 13, 2006

And The New RNC Chairman Is ...

... not Michael Steele. Allah @ Hot Air picks up the story from CNN. I could not find it there, but I found it on Breitbart.

Martinez, 60, will replace current chairman Ken Mehlman, who will leave the post in January at the end of his two-year term, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid pre-empting a formal announcement.

Martinez will remain in the Senate. Mike Duncan, the RNC's current general counsel and a former party treasurer, will run the day-to-day operations at the party's Capitol Hill headquarters.

Speaking of chairs, Harold Ford has put an end to the rumors he may take over at the DNC for Howling Mad Howie. He said he is not interested, and no one can blame him. He knows he is a rising star in the party, much like Barack Obama, and he is still able to run for office again in 2008. He is young and intelligent, and well ahead of the game compared to other Democrats. And to top it off, he was running as a moderate against Bob Corker. He failed to deal the death blow to Corker when he crashed the press conference, and ran the scurrilous attack ads against him. You cannot blame Ford for accepting the so-called wisdom of his campaign people.

But back to this pick of Martinez, it is a disaster. And much like the House leadership elections that are slated for later this month, the Republicans seem completely unable to understand that they must change. Martinez is a nod to the pro-amnesty camp of the GOP, and will bring nothing but disaster to the GOP in the next two years. And we are not the only ones unhappy with this move. Michelle Malkin is not pleased. Paul Mirengoff utters a yawn. The guys at Red State tossed the announcement in the "Republicans" category because they do not have "bonehead" category.

I am beginning to wonder if our so-called leaders in the GOP are paying attention, or if they have that Beltway mindset going that they cannot hear anything from us people in "flyover country."



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