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Friday, November 10, 2006

Dems Rejoice! Your "Savior" Is Coming

You bet that's tongue in cheeck because this story is simply too rich to pass up.

HT: Captain Ed Morrissey

George McGovern, the former senator and Democratic presidential candidate, said Thursday that he will meet with more than 60 members of Congress next week to recommend a strategy to remove U.S. troops from Iraq by June.

If Democrats don't take steps to end the war in Iraq soon, they won't be in power very long, McGovern told reporters before a speech at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

"I think the Democratic leadership is wise enough to know that if they're going to follow the message that election sent, they're going to have to take steps to bring the war to a conclusion," he said. ...

McGovern told the audience Thursday that the Iraq and Vietnam wars were equally "foolish enterprises" and that the current threat of terrorism developed because — not before — the United States went into Iraq.

Georgie-boy here seems to forget when terrorism for the modern world seemed to get a foothold. That was back in '79, and it came directly from Iran. Until then, the nutty fundamentalism that these people exercised was directed mainly at Israel. But in 1979, their jihad went global. Terrorism has been around for some time, and the idea that McGovern thinks that it's simply accelerated only AFTER we went into Iraq is beyong laughable. And this is the guy the Democrats are going to turn to for advice regarding the war?

In addition, he wants a hard deck on when we're leaving, and he wants it in the open. Great. Wonderful. So the violence will ocntinue at a much lesser rate than it is now while our enemy gears up for our departure. I expect to see Syria and Iran prepping for our withdrawal, as well, by preparing new jihadis for their coming work to bring down Iraq. In the wink of an eye, if this comes to fruition, the Democrats will have done this for a third time.

They withdrew support from Vietnam, abandoning hundreds of thousands of people to be slaughtered by the Communists who poured over the North's borders. They withdrew support from the Shah in 1979, allowing Khomeini and his nutters to come to power. And now they're poised to do it again. This time, however, they will end up creating another Afghanistan or Iran when they do, which will only embolden our enemy even further.

Instead of playing the possum game (lay still, play dead, and our enemies will ignore us) why don't they bring in someone who knows how to fight. In honor of today, I'd nominate Zell Miller to step in and give them some advice regarding Iraq. With McGovern's active anti-war zealous, his advice is dangerous for this nation right now. And that anti-war stance overshadows his accomplishments as a B-24 pilot during World War II. Like the rest of the Democrat party he has also walked away from the legacy of FDR and JFK when it comes to a strong national defense, and intervening to protest our interests. Despite his prostrations to the contrary, Iraq was a definitive front in the war on terror, and had to be dealt with.

For those opposed to the war, we sympathize. NO ONE sensibly wants to go to war, but when threats present themselves, we can't just tuck tail and run. Our failure in 1991 of removing Saddam Hussein--a mission endorsed by the UN (who has been a past employer of George McGovern)--was made manifest when we saw the support Saddam was giving terrorist groups in the region. Rather than allow that continue, we stepped in to finish the job.

McGovern's ideas are going to kill the Democrats. The nation, despite its ambivalence to the theater in Iraq, isn't stupid. They are going to witness a replay of 1975 all over again in Iraq if theDemocrats embrace McGovern's plan. I know there are people out there still celebrating the victory of the Democrats on Tuesday, and are happy to see changes. But with things rumbling out of DC about their plans, they're going to shoot themselves in the foot before the end of next year. And it won't be our enemies suffering from their leadership. It will be America.

And all I have to say to the Democrat party--the leaders, the nutroots, etc.--is you reap what you sow. If the party moves forward on its agenda, their fight in '08 will be an uphill battle that I doubt they've got the stomach to handle.

Publius II


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