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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Cry Havoc!" And Let Slip The Voters Of War!

Heh. This will be the only post of the night. This will stay up all night and we will be updating this post until we head to bed. There will be no pattern as to who posts what updates. We will be posting here throughout the night.

We will start posting information on the Senate races and the important House races as the returns begin coming in. But there are a couple of notes to make before we really begin on this.

First, there are NUMEROUS reports of the irregularities around the country, including a couple polling places (in NM and OH) that came across the radio today where the polling places did not receive enough ballots. Falling short is one thing. Having only around 150-200 sounds deliberate.

Second, reports coming out of NJ state that many voters were surprised when they arrived at the polls this morning, and saw that Robert Menendez was alsready punched in on their machines. Typical. We heard reports like this in 2004 in Ohio and Massachusetts where John Kerry was already punched in.

Third, George Allen's campaign headquarters had no phone service for most of the day making it difficult to execute their GOTV plan.

Fourth, despite the exit polls being held until 5 p.m. we knew the story they would tell. Granted, they are not as bad as 2004, but they are still telling the same story: The Democrats are leading.

Fifth, The turnout numbers look good, showing increases on both sides, but still close--GOP: 32.95; Dem: 32.5. That was reported from a wire report on Sean Hannity's show this afternoon, so I have no link, to offer on that. We have yet to find it. But Hugh Hewitt has a couple of interesting posts concerning the turnout. And we need to remember that there was a lot of early voting, which throws the exit poll numbers under even more suspicion.

4:35 p.m. AZ Time

UPDATE--4:58 p.m. AZ Time: Hugh Hewitt just stated that one of the exit polls showed that Lamont was beating Lieberman. Ex-squeeze me? Lieberman was kicking Lamont's @$$ by double digits YESTERDAY. Liebermen, to my knowledge, has only ever trailed to Lamont ONCE since going Indie on connecticut. Since then, Liebermna's beat him like a bongo drum.

GO VOTE! To H*LL with the polls.

Publius II

UPDATE--5:11 p.m. Lugar wins in Indiana with a resounding 52,000 vote victory.

UPDATE: 5:26 p.m. AZ Time--Early numbers for Allen show him in the lead with 1% of the precincts in, Allen leads Webb--40K to 28K


UPDATE: 5:37 p.m. (all times AZ if you have not figured that out)--With 4% reporting in VA, Allen leads Webb 68K to 48K

UPDATE:5:47 p.m.--10% precincts reporting in VA, Allen leads Webb 120K to 97K

UPDATE: 5:54 p.m.--15% reporting in VA, Allen is ahead 175K to 153K. It appears that Allen is putting Webb to bed early.

UPDATE 6:01--MA goes to Kennedy; FL to Nelson

UPDATE: 6:15 p.m. Allen/Webb--380K to 372K; Corker leads Ford (I missed the numbers)

6:27 p.m.--Corker/Ford w/ 3% reporting--95K to 80K; W/ 43% in VA reporting Allen/Webb is 474K to 473K --Hugh Hewitt just brought up that CBS is calling DeWine a loser in OH. But he notes that thus far the night seems to be going the GOP's way in terms of the Senate. The talking heads on FOX are saying it looks like the GOP is on its way to losing the House.

Stay calm, pop some popcorn, and keep watching the numbers.

UPDATE: 6:41 p.m.--Joe Negron, who replaced Mark Foley, is in the lead. With 52% reporting, Allen still leads Webb 576K to 570K. Corker/Ford 133K to 103K with 4% reporting. Byred wins in WV; Lynch in NH; Snowe in ME. FOX is calling NJ for Menendez.

UPDATE: 7:00 p.m.--PA Gov. race called for Ed Rendell; Lynn Swann loses. (Sorry guys). Allen/Webb--632K to 621K. FOX has called PA Senate race for Casey (That is two we have lost now) because they have also called OH for Sherrod Brown. Joe Negron is ahead 46 K to 45K.

UPDATE: 7:15 p.m.--Corker is soundly pounding on Harold Ford, 207K to 163K. Hugh is speaking with Laura Ingraham, and they agree that the Gang of 14 deal really hurt DeWine in OH. And he just brought up Howling Mad Howie on FOX stating that "win or lose" they are going back to work tomorrow. Seems a little below what the screamer would normally do, but it also sounds like he is conceding that the Democrats will not have the resounding win they believed they would.

UPDATE: 7:25 p.m.--Lieberman is called in CT with a resounding 11K vote lead over Newd Lamont. (And the KosKids go down in disgrace.) Corker leads Ford 328K to 280K. Allen is winning out over Jim Webb--72% reporting, and it is 805K to 772K. And the Missouri race is a literal dead heat with just a couple hundred votes separating Jim Talent and Claire McCaskill. CBS News is calling MD for Ben Cardin (with a suspicious 0% reporting there; funny that.) Hillary took her seat back.

Thus far, the losses for the GOP are not as bad as the pundits were projecting. The House races are tight, as expected, but nothing is being called solidly other than the one we saw earlier tonight. (I forget which one as it really was not a key seat in the race.)

UPDATE: 7:45 p.m.--Murtha has won reelection in PA against Diana Irey. Curt Weldon is down by 3K votes to Sestak in PA. CELEBRATE Republicans, Lincoln Chafee is gone! Talent still leads McCaskill 63K to 51K. Corker leads Ford 468K to 440K. Allen still leads Webb 916K to 894K.

UPDATE: 8:00 p.m.--Amy Klobucher has beaten Mark Kennedy in Minnesota. Talent/McCaskill--94K to 78K; Allen/Webb--929K to 901K; Corker/Ford--533K to 494K.

I'll give her a break ... 8:15 p.m. Allen/Webb-- 996K to 972K ;Corker/Ford-- 621K to 561K (I'm going out on a limb and calling this one even though the MSM won't.) ;Talent/McCaskill-- 139K to 115 ; Hugh's got his sources saying the GOP is going to hold onto the House by three seats, and we have already taken two from the Democrats in Georgia. And for those keeping score, we've lost nine House seats and three Senate seats thus far. REMEMBER that the Dems need 15 and 6 respectively.

8:30 p.m.-- Allen/Webb-- 1 million, 45K to 1 million, 15K (I'm calling this one too, and again the MSM refuses to.);Talent McCaskill-- 216K to 179K ; Up to ten seats in the House lost thus far.

8:45 p.m.-- Talent/McCaskill-- 270K to 217K; Pederson/Kyl-- 84K to 78K (This is an interesting start to the numbers. I didn't expect Pederson with such a jump from the get-go. Hopefully, this one tightens up quickly.) The Negron/Mahoney race in FL (over Foley's vacant seat) is extremely close. Hugh says his sources are saying that Jim Webb WAY underperformed in the precincts he needed to win big in.

9:00 p.m.-- Talent/McCaskill-- 368K to 310K; Kyl/Pederson-- 188K to 161K (Kyl has closed the gap, and taken the lead.); Tester/Burns-- 5987 to 5424 (Another close, nail-biter; just what my ulcer needed). We're preparing for a possible loss of the House. Again, don't worry. There is a bright side to that. There will be new leadership. The bad news is we're going to gag everytime we hear "Speaker Pelosi."

And this wraps up our coverage for the night. Both of us have headaches, and her hands aren't too happy with here. (She did work a polling place today as a GOP volunteer.) So, we're calling it a night. We have, thus far, lost ten House seats, and three Senate seats. Michael Steele, despite the projection by the media, isn't conceding. He knows there are absentee ballots to be counted, and a good amount of them. Kyl has taken the lead from Pederson, and shouldn't lose. Burns is down only by a couple hundred votes in Montana; an easy hill to climb.

Also, it was noted on Hugh's show that Michael Barone is cautioning FOX News against calling ANY TIGHT race specifically because of the high amount of absentee ballots in some races. To this day, prognosticators still can't predict the absentee votes, so any close race could shift int he middle of the night or tomorrow morning.

Marcie and I wish you a good evening, and we send our thanks out to the GOP base for getting out and holding the line. Whatever happens, don't panic. The media wanted this sort of conflict in Congress, and that's what they're going to get. In addition, there will be a serious change in leadership, and a serious attempt to shore up the party there. We've got a couple years to work and plan to retake the House if we lose it at all. The Senate will still be ours, and the biggest black-eye the Democrats took tonight was losing to Lieberman. For him, retribution is sweet; oh so sweet.

Marcie & Thomas


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