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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post-Election Quick Thoughts

I have school in about an hour, but I thought I might post a couple of thoughts on the post-election nightmare from last night. when we went to bed, Corker had beaten Ford, and we were still waitining on word from MT, MO, and VA. It seems that both Allen and Burns are holding on, but McCaskill received Talent's concession sometime late last night. So, we still have two seats that are still under our control. Pray the recount goes better for Allen in VA, and pray that Burns holds on. We can afford to lose one seat, and still maintain--technically--the majority. Cheney becomes the tie-breaker.

The nightmare of the night occurred quickly as we watched the steady progress of Democrat House members sweep through the night. They now have control of the House, and in addition to Speaker Pelosi (though even that is not set in stone), we will also have to contend with new committee chairmanships. Get ready for Chairman Rangel and Conyers.

And did we ever take our lumps. No Republican challenger defeated a single Democrat defending a House seat. And yes, we saw John McCain's worthless mug running around the talking heads on FOX and CNN saying virtually the same thing. He sounded conciliatory, and he stated he was looking forward to a "bipartisan" effort in the new Congress. Yes, Johnny, I am sure you are seeing as how your brilliant bipartisan plan worked so well for the GOP; especially Senator DeWine which many voters in Ohio did not forgive him for his participation in the Gang of 14 deal.

And, of course, the Democrats are preaching "bipartisanship" when it comes to working with the administration. Sure. We will believe that when we see it. I expect to see some nastiness arise from the democrats in the House. They do, after all, control the purse strings. They may not cut the funding for the mission in Iraq, but we expect them to try and downsize it. And with all due respect, they netted 26 seats in last nights election.

The Democrats are not looking for cooperation with the administration. They are looking for capitulation. They want the administration to admit they made mistakes. They want Rumsfeld gone (of which I note that Rich Lowry of NRO and Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard were agreeing with Kirsten Powers of Powers Point that it was time for a change in strategy in Iraq, including a possible increase in troops, and Rummy's head on a platter). I would not go as far as to call for Rumsfeld's resignation, but an increase in troops might help turn the tide. In addition that FOX panel thoroughly agreed that it was time to take a new approach in getting the Iraqis to stand up for their country.

While it all sounds nice that the Democrats want to play nice with the administration, I just do not see it happening. I take Nancy Pelosi's word with a grain of salt, and trust her even less now than before the election. But the Democrats trusted her to retake the House, and that she did. Any Democrat who does not vote to make her Speaker is going to have a tough road ahead of them. It was her strategy that won the Democrats Election Day in the House. And she is looking forward to being the first female Speaker in the history of the nation. She will get what she wants. And no, for the speculators out there, I doubt that there will be a "power struggle" between Hillary and Pelosi. No offense, but Pelosi is closer tot he Oval Office now than Hillary is.

All I have to say to the GOP is that we tried, but in the face of overwhelming criticism over out feckless behavior in the last two years, an inability to accomplish what we promised in 2004, over-the-top spending, and an unpopular war, the people had had enough of the GOP in the House. Let us pray that we hold the Senate, otherwise this is about to be a roller-coaster ride over the next two years.

But the Democrats had better not gloat too long. They, too, have some things to prove. America spoke, and gave them their chance. And that chance now comes with a price. Do not fool around with it. Do not play partisan games. You made promises to the voters, and the voters will hold your feet to the fire. This is their opportunity to show america that they deserve this return to power. If they blow it, America will return the GOP to power next time around. And for the GOP we are left holding the shattered pieces of power we squandered. I still do not believe we deserved to lose, but the voters thought differently, and voted accordingly.

For the GOP, the question on our minds is what do we do next? And that, ladies and gentlemen, is going to take some serious thought, and it eill take more time than I have right now. I would like to say, in closing, thank you to all of our readers who kept up with the election coverage we were giving last night, and we are sorry we could not hang on longer to keep going, but it had been a long day for both of us. And yes, our e-mails are already coming in with plenty og gloating on the other side. Hey, they are entitled to gloat. They won. But they should remember that the moment was last night, and now that moment is over. Do not stay too long on the sauce. It is already flat, and the day is younf.You have work to do, and I suggest they get to it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The President is holding a news conference later this morning offering congratulations and an olive branch. Frankly, it a mistake. He's hated and that helped carry the democrat vote. He's not without power. He has he veto. The new democrats do not have the votes to over ride a veto. He will no be impeached. That's foohhardy. There are some elected candidates that I have many questions before they are seated. Being elected doesn't mean you automatically seated. Rawriter

7:44 AM  

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