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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

D-Day: Here We Go

If you're a rabid news/politics person like we are, then you know that everything we've been working towards, all the efforts that we have been a part of, comes down to today. You also know that this is the single most important day of the year. It surpasses anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas. We've spent our time and our money in this election cycle on the people we believe will do the best for the nation that they can. We've endured the eyes-glazing-over six to eight months of ads on TV and radio. And we've dealt with the Left's unhinged, in sane antics for the better part of a year.

It all comes down to today. NOTHING else matters except for today. And let's remember that this is the single most important election of the new millenium. This election will determine the course this nation takes in the remaining two years of President Bush's tenure.

Will we remain focused on the goal of winning this war and protecting this nation? Or will we take the route that Spain did? Will we continue our stand with the Iraqis? or abandon them to the animals assailing them day after day? And we would be completely remiss if if we think the world isn't watching.

Our allies are watching.

Our enemies are watching.

So don't forget to head to the polls and show the nation--the world--that we understand what is at stake, and what we're willing to do. And if you don't care about the war at the very least keep Nancy Pelosi out of the Speaker's chair (this woman is clearly bonkers embracing the "Republicans will cheat" mantra from the nutroots BEFORE voting even starts) and keep Patrick Leahy from chairing the Judiciary Committee in the Senate.

Let's make this the day the Democrats learn another lesson about America. We hate losers, especially sore, insane losers. And that's all the new Democrat party is full of. Thjere is no room left for the FDRs or the JFKs. Harry Truman need not apply, and Scoop Jackson was handed his hat and shown the door a long time ago. This isn't your daddy or your grandfather's Democrat party anymore. Thjese people have a serious left-leaning agenda, and you can't trust them to do what's right. What happened to the Democrats is what happens when you let radicals get their hands on power. It was stripped away from them years ago, and they just haven't been sane since.

Just because we've been talkling about this, and hammering points home doesn't mean that this election is a done deal. There are no guarantees in this election no matter how much talking up the center-right does. It comes down to you exercising your American right to choose your elected representatives. And yes, we should expect any and every dirty trick to come out of the book. So, get out there and vote.

And a reminder to readers:

We will be covering the election returns tonight as they come in. In Arizona we have about a dozen ballot propositions that we're deciding as well as the fate of John Kyl. (Needless to say, we will be voting for John Kyl.) So check back throughout the night to keep an eye on the outcome across the nation. We'll be focusing on the Senate races, but we'll keep an eye on some key House races, as well.

Publius II


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of the many elections I've witnessed, I can think of one more important than this mid-term election. It will tell us about security of our nation or should we surrender to political correctness, sensitivity and Islam. Rawriter

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