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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Reuters Breathlessly Reports The Obvious

Leave it to Reuters to take an innocuous story--one that is beyond the word "obvious"--and make it our to be breaking news:

The White House branded Iran and Hezbollah on Saturday as a "global nexus of terrorism" and applauded an Argentine court for seeking the arrest of former Iranian officials in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center.

In the Bush administration's latest rhetorical assault on Iran, White House spokesman Tony Snow issued a statement saying the Islamic republic was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians as the world's "leading state sponsor of terrorism." It gave no specifics.

The statement also said Tehran's financial and military support for Hezbollah had allowed the Lebanese Shi'ite militant organization to "perpetuate violence throughout the world."

"Hezbollah and Iran remain a dangerous, global nexus of terrorism," Snow said in the statement.

One word folks: DUH! Anyone who thought that Iran, with its Hezbollah terrorist army, wasn't a threat to the world has been living in a Taliban cave since about 1983. That's when Hezbollah broke onot the scene--supposedly in retaliation for Israel's occupation of southern Lebanon. The problem is that they're on Iran's payroll. Iran trains them, funds them, outfits them, and sipatches them.

They're not separate. They're linked at the hip. Syria is tossed in as an offshoot because they support Iran. They've been in league with them for many years. The simple fact of the matter is that Tony Snow acted as a reminder for the nation, and the world, that we still have threats in the world when it comes to this war; and they are definitely growing. With the recent activities in southern Lebanon regarding Hezbollah, Israel, and the UN force there, we have done some assessing, and Israel will be engaged in hostilities with Hezbollah by early next year. Hezbollah continues to lob rockets into Israel, and the UN force refuses to engage.

We predicted this when the force was deployed. H*ll, this was predicted when word started coming out that the UN was getting involved.

But to report this like it was breaking news is retarded. And it shows the desperation of the dead tree industry to report news that's nowhere near relevant in terms of "breaking news." This nation has opposed Iran and watched Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Their activities, for the most part, are well-known to US intelligence and her sister sources abroad. Tony Snow's statement is simply reinforcing our point-of-view. that's all he was doing. He wasn't saying one thing that was contrary to our position right now on Iran. They're an evil nation that threatens not only the region, but should their achieve the creation of nuclear weapons, they will threaten the world.

For the purposes of translation--translating common-sense into news-speak--this is a wake-up call, guys. Not breaking news.

Publius II


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