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Thursday, December 14, 2006

And How Worthless Are The Kossacks?

In terms of human evolution, Kos and his monions have shown themselves to rank in between a cockroach and head cheese. Why? Ian over at Hot Air informs us that Kos would love to see Michelle head to Iraq. See, Eason Jordan (Mr. The troops target, torture, and abuse journalists, himself) has joined the same new media that caused his downfall. Yes, Eason Jordan has a blog, and has decided to take on a case that has had the blogosphere buzzing for weeks.

Where is Jamil Hussein? Does he exist, and who is he?

Eason Jordan decided to issue a challenge to bloggers like Michelle, who are trying to ferret out this guy. Why is Hussein important? Because he was the principle person spoken with in a recent AP report that doesn't seem to be true at all. When questioned about this, AP people circled the wagons, and are standing by their story, and apparently their source. The problem is, there's no record of this source as being a part of the Iraqi police, as he was identified in the story. So, here is Eason's challenge:

Who is Jamil Hussein? Michelle Malkin is leading the charge for an answer, and she put that question to me in her blog. The AP is in the midst of a public firestorm regarding whether supposed Iraqi police captain Jamil Hussein actually exists and, if so, whether he was a legitimate news source for a disputed November 24 AP-reported story saying Shia thugs in Baghdad "grabbed six Sunnis as they left Friday worship services, doused them with kerosene and burned them alive near Iraqi soldiers who did not intervene." The U.S. military, the Iraqi government, and many others insisted the AP story was false and that Jamil Hussein either was fictitious or was not an Iraqi police officer, as asserted in the AP's report. The AP has issued two strong statements defending its initial report and produced fresh statements from witnesses of the alleged crime, but the AP has not produced Jamil Hussein himself.

So the search for Jamil Hussein is on, and rightly so. IraqSlogger's team in Baghdad is working to track him down. If we find him, we'll get back to you with details. If we can't find him, we'll report that, too. If Michelle Malkin wants to join the search in Baghdad, IraqSlogger will pay for her trip, and I'd even be willing to accompany her. Stay tuned.

Now, I'll be honest. I don't trust Eason Jordan. The man covered up for Saddam Hussein's crimes and atrocities, and he levied an indictment against our troops that he refused to back up. The latter was what cost him his job in the subsequent blog swarm. BUT, if he's learned his lesson, as a dogged jhournalist, he has a good chance of blowing this story wide open, and his connections in the MSM might just push this into the open for the public to see. We're hedging betys that either Jamil Hussein is fictional, or he's a stringer that tips off the media, and his real motivations lie on the side of the terrorists.

Michelle has stated that she e-mailed Eason this morning, accepting his offer. In addition, Curt from Flopping Aces, who first broke the story, can go on Eason's dime, as well, if he so chooses. Michelle managed to get Eason to agree to that. Well done.

Now that you've got the overview of Michelle's upcoming trip, and Eason Jordan's newfound "honesty in reporting" (yeah right), it's time to address Kos. This is what was posted on his site, courtesy of Ian. (You can use the link at Hot Air. I'm not peddling anything for Kos.)

Greg Sargent has a problem with Eason Jordan going to Iraq with Michelle Malkin. I think it’s a splendid idea. So long as they leave the Green Zone, and without security detail that puts a single US soldier in harm’s way. I mean, things are so splendid and it’s just like Philly and there’s all those great new schools! They’ll be perfectly safe, I’m sure.

Personally, I think Kos is an ass. That's a cruel thing to state, and it's a cruel wish. Of course this is right in line for Mr. Mentos-Nutroots-Lefty himself. This is the guy who basically said about the private security contractors being murdered in Fallujah "screw them." This was a man who served in the US military, which makes me positively sick. I can't believe such a classless, careless, partisan individual would be accepted by the military. I'm not going to put down his service. He obviously received an honorable discharge, but he is without any sort of couth or class.

The blogosphere is the new media that takes on the old one. WE ALL WORK TOGETHER, whether we are right of center or left of it. Kos has joined hands with right-of-center bloggers in the past, including on the issue of bloggers gaining the same media protections under the First Amendment that regular media outlets possess. That was where we all joined arms, closed ranks, and made our voices heard to Congress. Needless to say, Congress relented, and agreed that we should have the same rights.

So I'd say that out of every 100 issues that Kos addresses, he right once or twice. The rest of the time this is his attitude towards anyone on our side that he dislikes. Great. Nice touch, ass-hat.

Here's my advice to good ol' Kos there. You used tpo be in the military. Why don't you take up the case. After all, if you go outside the Green Zone without a security detail, you should be able to defend yourself, right? You won't put any butts on the line; just your own, and your supposedly untarnished (Ned Lamont) reputation. Do something other than sit there in the safety of your sanctum just s**t-talking. He's obviously one of those people described by the Rather defenders as sitting at home in his pajamas stirring up trouble.

This sort of attitude is why I don't like going to Kos' site regularly. Part of our job is to watch what the other side is doing. But this sort of behavior is deplorable. Michelle hasn't addressed this slam, and I'd be surprised if she wasted the keystrokes on it. (I only chose to because Kos is an idiot, and the surly, snide, veiled wish of his deserved attention.) And this goes back to what Marcie posted yesterday in regard to Tim Johnson.

Their side loves to wish this sort of crap on people they disagree with. They wish them malice, harm, and sometimes even death. Yet our side doesn't. At least not the intellectually-honest ones. You just don't do it. It shows a lack of scruples and class; conscience and morals. I sincerely doubt Kos will give a rat's patootie about this post. We're too small, and don't reach a lot of people (about 100 a day, on the average). But it does go to show just how nasty the Left can be when they want to, and how unrepentent they can be. As yet, there is no clarification, retraction, or apology issued by Kos. Like John Kerry (and we know how much class that idiot has), I guess he doesn't apologize either.

Publius II


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Kos? What's that? Or does it breath? I'm a Michelle fan. She does good work. I seldom visit blogs such as Kos. It's lack of creditable substance. Rawriter

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