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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Buffoons In Hollywood Have It All Figured Out, Right?

Wrong, and I usually don't address the people from the Left Coast who seemingly live their lives in a perpetual fantasy world. But Hugh brought this up today,/li>, and I think it needs to be addressed. The following is a transcript of the exchange he had with Chris Matthews on last night's Spitball Hardball:

MATTHEWS: Do you think the war was fought because the region—was it about WMD? Was it about Mideast politics? Was it about ideology?

DAMON: It kept changing when their excuses would change. They‘d go, wait, actually they don‘t have any of that stuff. They‘d go, oh, oh, well then it‘s actually about democracy. Well democracy is not going to work. We‘re just going to settle for—as long as it‘s secure. I mean, it just keeps changing.

MATTHEWS: Do you think guys like Cheney—I love to pronounce his name correctly, by the way. Do you think guys like—it‘s like a Dickensian name, Cheney. Do you think he knew he was saying stuff that wouldn‘t turn out to be true, or was he just mad dogged to fight the war?

DAMON: I‘d like to see him under oath.

MATTHEWS: I would, too. I‘d like to see him with you.


MATTHEWS: Do you think if you waterboarded Cheney, like in the movie, that you‘d get a different truth out of him?

DAMON: Well, there‘s two answers to that question. One is he doesn‘t strike me as the kind of person who has any real personal courage. When it was his turn to go, he didn‘t go. He deferred six times.

MATTHEWS: He said he had other priorities.

DAMON: Yes, he had other priorities. And he doesn‘t seem to have other priorities about sending other kids there and other peoples kids.


MATTHEWS: We‘ll be back...

DAMON: ... The second part to the answer is that I believe that if you waterboard anybody, they‘ll tell you anything and that torture is completely impractical, on top of being dishonorable. It‘s completely impractical because you can—I mean, if you torture a normal person, if you torture anybody, they‘re going to tell you whatever you want them to tell you. So if you‘re getting information that you‘re going to then use and you get it by torturing them...

MATTHEWS: ... Why is man at his worst throughout history used it then if it doesn‘t work? Why has it always been part of—going to the Middle Ages, back to ancient times. People were so cruel to each other, they get what they want out of them. Why do they do it if it doesn‘t work?

DAMON: I don‘t know. I don‘t do it.


If readers will allow me, I'd like to make a couple of points here. First, He wants to see Cheney under oath for supposedly lying about the reasons we go into war? Fine. But before that happens, I'd like to direct him to this piece highlighted by Hugh where a liberal journalist laid out the reasons for war with Iraq. Secondly, if Cheney goes up under oath, I want Sandy Berger, William Perry, and Bill Clinton there, as well. THEY gave numerous reasons in 1998 for not only bombing Iraq, but also for regime change in Iraq, which Congress overwhelmingly approved of.

In reference to him not serving, when has Mr. Damon served, and I mean in a capacity other than a controlled set for a movie? I don't disdain anyone for not serving int he military. The military granted Vice President Cheney his deferments. Had their been a problem with that, the military would have denied him his deferments, right? I'd think so. They were taking a number of people back then. And secondly on this subject, what the Hell does military service, or non-service (Mr. Damon and a majority of the Left out there seem to have a hang up with this) have to do with the present? And if he's willing to verbally crucify Dick Cheney for his deferments, where's that same dislike for Bill Clinton, who didn't show up to his ROTC program, and then later thanked a politician for finagling him out of the service he agreed to?

And I have to point out to Chris Matthews that water-boarding isn't torture. It's not under the Geneva Convention as torture, nor was it deemed torture by Congress when they passed the Military Commissions Act of 2006. So I trhink Mr. Matthews is being very disingenuous every time he opens his fat yap to throw out a talking point that is fathomably untrue whatsoever.

Lastly, the United States military and her intelligence services do not torture. There is no proof of this, and if there were, I'd expect those involved in such acts to face severe punishment. And I mean more than a slap on the wrist like Sandy Berger got when he swiped classified documents from the national archives, and shredded them. As we saw with the Abu Ghraib incident, those soldiers were prosecuted to the fullest extent of military law for the abuses they inflicted on prisoners. Each one faces a dishonorable discharge when they are finished serving their time in Ft. Leavenworth. And Leavenworth is not place anyone wants to be, as military people will tell anyone. It's not a Saddam torture chamber, but it's no picnic either.

I do wish people out of Hollywood, like Matt Damon, like Cameron Diaz, like George Clooney, would learn to think, investigate, and research their opinions before they urtter them. EVERYONE has an opinion. Folks, you read ours here on a daily basis, and guess what? ALL of our opinions are researched. Do we have the facts before we speak about something? Do we have the proof to back up our opinion? You bet your seet aunt's @$$ we do. If we don't we'll be crucified by our critics. They can bring what they want to the table in a debate, but we're coming armed, as well. And when two opinions clash, it's who we persuade, in the end, that determines who is "right" or "wrong."

In the case of Matt Damon, and the vast majority of Hollywood nutters, these people litewrally live in a fantasy world. They have people who wait on them hand and foot, tell them how smart they are, how good they look, and how talented they are. They can't relate to the average John Q. Public, and get grossly offended when we don't buy their BS. Obviously. Read the above transcript again, and ask ytourselves if you buy his garbage? WE can't. It's just plain nuts. Not only does he not have a clue about what's he discussing with Chris Matthews, but his doddering old host continues to fuel his insanity by not calling him on allusions he makes.

All Matt Damon did was reinforce his position as an idiot. As if we, the general public, needed any reminder.

Publius II


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spit Mathews is his correct name or what I call him. He loves those hard ball interviews with his leading and expected questions. Dah. This interviews should two dummies. Rawriter

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