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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Special Mid-Month Column Up!

(Note to readers. As always this post will remain at the top of the page today. Any other blog entries will be below this post. PLEASE visit Mr. Lindaman's site, and enjoy the pearls of conservative wisdom there.)

Yes, we have another mid-month column on Common Conservative. Ours is a piece about the ISG, and we went over the report with a fine tooth comb. Courting disaster is putting it mildly, and as our regular readers know, we've not been kind to the Neville Cahmberlain Memorial Committee. This column is no different.

In addition to us, Thomas Lindaman, our exceptional editor, and newbie blogger, touches on some gripes he has about the holiday season, and some things that should never disappear from Christmas.

Tom Adkins slams the snot out of the cut-and-run crowd, including a swipe or two at the ISG, in his entry this issue.

Kofi Annan's not-quite-soon-enough departure is the focus of Patrick Shanahan's/li> column this time around. And believe me, the pen is mightier than the sword for him, though I'd still like to see Kofi run through; a repayment for the ten years of Hell he broguth to the world.

Larry Simoneaux takes on the three-ring circus act of the flying imams, which have recently filed a suit against US Airways. Folks, this case stinks to high heaven, and it looked like a put up job from the start. And with S. 2132 making it's way through the Congress, their actions raise more eyebrows each day.

Doug Patton berates the president for not fighting to reatain Johgn Bolton at the UN. And we have to agree. Bloggers were preparing to pay his salary if he were recessed again, which is what it looked like was going to happen, but the president caved, and let him walk. Shame on you, President Bush.

And John Lillpop addresses and open letter to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The tongue in cheek humor will get you, as will his bio. He is a recovering liberal, so during this season, please pray for his continued sobriety.

And we'll see you right there again on 1 January 2007!

Publius II


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