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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Terrorism suspects nabbed in Britain

Heh. Twenty-four hours after it's first noticed by the blogosphere, Britian swoops in and nabs six suspected terrorists for inciting others, and raising money for a terrorist group:

... Five of the arrests took place in London and one in Luton, northwest of London, the Metropolitan Police said.

''The arrests form part of a long-term pro-active and complex investigation into alleged incitement and radicalization for the purposes of terrorism, as well as alleged provision of financial support for international terrorism,'' a police spokesman said on condition of anonymity in line with force policy.

The men were being held at an unnamed central London police station. Police said a number of searches were ongoing in connection with the investigation.

Police did not immediately identify the six.

The British Broadcasting Corporation said, however, that one of the men was believed to be Abu Izzadeen, also known as Omar Brooks, who heckled Home Secretary John Reid last year.

Izzadeen, 31, is the spokesman for the al-Ghurabaa group, which the government banned in July.
He disrupted a meeting between Reid and Muslim leaders in London, which Reid had called to ask Muslim parents to look out for signs in their children of brainwashing by extremists.

No, it's not al Qaeda, but it is a terrorist group which should show people that this war we are waging, with the assistance from allies abroad, is far from over. While it's a good thing that General Petreus's anti-insurgency plans seem to be showing success in Iraq, we are a ways away from victory right now, and that concept is still a while down the road. Let's face it, Rome wasn't built in a day, and were the builders facing a hostile insurgency when Rome was under construction, we'd be hard-pressed to be seeing the history of that time period today.

Yes we are making strides in the war, and that's good. Yes, the media and the Democrats want people to believe that the mission in Iraq is over and we should withdraw from a failed mission -- focusing more closely on Afghanistan -- and that's bad. We can't just pull up tent stakes now and cede the battlefield to the animals in Iraq, abandoning the Iraqis to a fate worse than Saddam or death. To do so would be suicidal. It would almost certainly guarantee our own defeat as an emboldened enemy would step up direct assaults on our home soil.

But that is something I fear might be the only way people will understand the threat we face. Though I don't ever want to see something like 11 Spetember again, it may take such an attack to wake this country up, and force people to make a hard choice. That choice is not only one based on survival, but politics, as well. Similar such attacks across the globe has prompted an immediate reversal in political ideology. In Spain, it caused the defeat of allies in elections, and brought in those that weren't that serious about fighting al Qaeda or other terrorist groups. Since then, Spain has learned that such capitulation doesn't buy safety or security.

In Britain, in the wakes for two bombings, the resolve of the British people became almost ramrod straight. The animals attacked and murdered numerous British citizens, and the Brits aren't the sort to turn the other cheek, roll over, and give up. They still hold the views that Churchill did during World War II; they still believe if Big Ben were destroyed, it would be rebuilt as a sign that nothing will dampen their commitment to victory or shake that stubborn resolve.

Should something like 11 September occur here again, or worse (remember that al Qaeda has threatened an attack to rival that of Nagasaki and Hiroshima on London itself) I think the media would have a problem on their hands. Not only would the public be outraged at those in the MSM for their ostrich-like approach to terrorism (we don't see it so it must not exist) but their outrage would end up being more narrowly focused on the party of defeat in Congress. The public would be outraged by their activist minions preaching retreat. The tolerance of the Left in this nation would dwindle rapidly, and the general public wouldn't be so apt to accept idiots like that emblazened across their TVs nightly in a vain effort to push their defeatist agenda.

BUT, it would take another such attack to make this point. It would take a large body count and sickening destruction to snap us out of our slumber. it's not a prospect I'd welcome, nor is it one I'd endorse. Unfortunately, I fear it's the only way to wake this nation up, and shut down the negativity and ill-informed critics of this war effort once and for all.

Publius II


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