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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Fort Dix Six nailed

I saw this story this morning on my way out the door, and was unable to comment on it. Once I got to work, I decided to let some updates come in before I started jumping to any conclusions. Of course, the funny part is I probably could have written the post with my initial thoughts and been virtaully correct up to now.

Allah at Hot Air has been running updates all day. First, let's start with the absolute basics from the Newark Star-Ledger:

The six men charged with plotting the slaughter of U.S. soldiers in an armed assault on Fort Dix were held without bail this afternoon during an initial appearance in federal court in Camden.

The men, identified by authorities as homegrown Islamic terrorists inspired by Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda network, each spent about 10 minutes before a judge in U.S. District Court, saying they understood the charges against them.

In a press briefing afterward, U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie said that had the men managed to carry out their plan, "It could have been a disaster."

"These people were ready for martyrdom," Christie said. "Once they got on to that base and started to shoot, everyone was in danger."

Added J.P. Weis, special agent in charge of the FBI's Philadelphia office, "Today we dodged a bullet." ...

... Some of the would-be attackers have been living illegally in the United States, while others are legal immigrants, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office. Four are ethnic Albanians, one was born in Turkey, and a sixth was born in Jordan.

Officials identified the men as Dritan Duka, 28, Eljvir Duka, 23, Shain Duka, 26, Serdar Tatar, 23, Mohamad Shnewer, 22, and Agron Abdullahu, 24.

The six had been under FBI surveillance for 15 months and prepared for their alleged plot by shooting paintball guns and real weapons in Gouldsboro, Pa., 30 miles southeast of Scranton, officials said. One had experience as a sniper in Kosovo, Christie said.
"These folks knew how to use these weapons," he said.

The men also allegedly watched jihadist videos in which Osama bin Laden urged them toward martyrdom.

While under federal surveillance, the men also watched a video in which a U.S. Marine lost his arm in an explosion.

"The room burst out into laughter," Christie said. "These are the type of people we were dealing with."

The men had scouted out Fort Monmouth, Dover Air Force Base, Lakehurst Naval Air Station and the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard before settling on Fort Dix, a base that is used to mobilize troops to Iraq, according to the complaint.

One of the suspects, Tatar, had regular access to secure areas of the facility through his job as a deliveryman for his father's pizzeria in Cookstown, not far from the gates of McGuire Air Force Base, which adjoins Fort Dix. Tatar, the complaint said, knew Fort Dix like the palm of his hand."

The men had videotaped their practice sessions in Pennsylvania, according to the complaint. That videotape, in which they fired assault weapons and railed against America, led to their arrests.

They made the mistake of bringing it to a video store, seeking to get a copy burned to a DVD, Christie said. A store clerk who later watched the tape called the FBI, which began immediately investigating.

OK, the experts agree, and I concur, the last part there about them taking their video to a store to have it burned into a DVD shows these guys aren't AQ. Inspired by? Turned on by bin Laden? Feeling sympathy for the worldwide jihad? Yes to all three, but these guys were morons. They didn't even abide the first rule of cladestine operations: Don't tip your hand to your enemy. These guys were homegrown amateurs. However, we should recall the last "amateur" who wentr nust a couple of short weeks ago at V-Tech. (No, Seung-hui cho wasn't a jihadi, but look at the havoc he wreaked in a short amount of time, and with firearms vastly downgraded from the ones these six clowns had.) Now, imgaine if these guys had executed the first part of their plan, which was attacking Fort Dix.

Sure, they would have died in their efforts, but the amount of soldiers who could have been killed int he planned and ensuing melee would have been tragic. (And no, I'm not taking anything away from the trained soldiers there, but surprise was supposedly on the side of the jihadis; at this point, I'm not holding my breath on agencies like the FBI ready to intercept these guys just prior to them starting the shooting. Red tape's a b*tch, folks.)

But this capture, while a success in preventing an attack on our soil, exposed us to one serious problem, and it's slowly moving to the forefront of the upcoming election, and that's immigration. Half of this cell, in custody now, aren't here legally. Allah notes from a criminal complaintfiled by the FBI that there were TEN men ID'd in the video. So, the question remains as to where the other four are? Are they in custody? Did the FBI lose them for some reason?

There's no information about that, as yet, but Michelle Malkin, Laura Mansfield, andHowie at My Pet Jawa draw a connection to what was alluded to a new sort of terror groups. They're small, and not directly aligned to AQ. This was our worst fear.

Don't take that as it sounds. It's not meant to be. We have been fighting terrorism -- ardently -- since 2001. AQ has been trying to nail us since 11 September because it went so well for them, and they're hoping with the propogandist BS they put out there they can attract more to their cause. This isn't about AQ. This is about modern-day people finding sympathy in our enemy's efforts, and taking up their cause. Homegrown terrorists, indeed, as Marcie would say, and they bring a whole new dynamic to this war.

Well a dynamic the lemmings and ostriches have ignored, but common sense people have been on the lookout for since 11 Sept. The "old ways" used by AQ aren't going to work. The new ways is recruitment through sympathy, and it appears that's the case with these guys Thank God the guys behind the scenes were paying attention.

Publius II


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