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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Memo To The GOP: Do Not Tick Off Your Base!

I’m finally home, and I’m hot. No, not from the weather. I’m referring to my blood-pressure. The Constitutional Option is up for grabs. And it should be executed. Even Bob Dole agrees, stating that it "is a last resort, and we don’t have any choice." He’s right. 100% right. And the GOP seems to be doing everything in their power to screw it up.

Four weeks. FOUR WEEKS! It has been four weeks since any nominee came up in the Senate Judiciary Committee. They vacationed one week out of those four, but they didn’t bring up the nominees at all. These people are being virtually tortured the longer they wait. This is unacceptable on any level.

And the "wobbly" ones in the GOP are: McCain, Snowe, Collins, Sununu, Chafee, Warner, Alexander, Specter, and Hagel. And as of today, Sen. McCain is on the record against the Constitutional Option. Bye-bye, Johnny. You just screwed yourself. This is a hot-button issue and it is spreading across the nation. People are ticked. So am I. I am embarrassed by this senator from my state. Now, I dare him to run for president. He will receive no quarter on my watch.

This cannot be allowed to continue. This filibustering by the Democrats is illegal, under the US Constitution. The president has the right to make appointments. Those appointees go into committee, and that is where the partisan lines should be drawn. Fight over them, if you want, but that is where the most "obstructionism" can be accepted. Make your case, present your beef, and make a decision over them. But once that nominee hits the floor of the Senate, "debate" is over. It was done in committee. Each senator can have a brief statement over their vote, but they cannot filibuster!

The role of the Senate is "ad vise and consent". That is true, and "advise" ends when the nominee passes out of the committee. They deserve their up-or-down vote. And the Democrats are obstructing on every level of the process. They refuse to show up for committee meetings. Mostly, I’m sure, they know the nominee will pass out of committee. They filibuster on the floor of the Senate, most of them making spiteful and distasteful accusations, in a blatant attempt to smear the good name of a nominee.

See, and that’s the other thing that irks me about this. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was practically described as a war criminal by several Democrat senators. They so despise the ideology coming from the White House, through the Cabinet, and into the Congress, that they will do anything or say anything to malign it in the public spotlight. Should another Democrat become president within the next 8-10 years, anyone who raises a question about that president will be savagely attacked with the ferocity we are seeing right now in the Senate.

And this is the other reason it has to stop. If the rule is broken, right here and now, it silences the Left, for the most part. Their threat to shut down the government—save for GWOT business—is at best, laughable. Going into an election cycle as the party that shut down the government is not a wise thing to do. Especially in a country like ours. WE get a say as to whether you stay home, permanently (See Tom Daschle), or you go to DC.

Sen. McCain’s on my s**t-list right now. And unless he redeems himself otherwise, he’ll remain there. I’ll vote Democrat against him for the sheer fun of it. But my greatest disdain at this moment is heading towards leadership positions. Frist, among them, need to really put the screws to the "wobbly" ones. If they’re going to do this, then do it already. Senators, the clock is ticking and America is keeping score. We want this done, and you know it needs to be done. Time is of the essence as Chief Justice Rehnquist’s health is in doubt.

We can’t afford to keep screwing around. Show a backbone already. Your base sees you as weak-kneed and spineless. And that base will retaliate, and it won’t be pretty. Not this time around. 2006 is around the corner, and 2008 ain’t far behind. So, there could be a six-year long "night of long knives" to get rid of these fools that don’t want to play the partisan game. This isn’t get along, go along here. This is a partisan vote, you morons! Your party is standing up for the Constitution, something these "esteemed" senators took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend it. If this is what they call "defense", I need no further enemies.

Publius II


Anonymous RepJ said...

Amen and Amen! Why are they letting the minority rule the senate??? It is unconstitutional to force a 60 vote count.

6:32 PM  
Blogger Syd And Vaughn said...


Forget letting the minority rule, what happened to the backbone of the party under Reagan and Gingrich? Frist had better grow one soon, and if the wobbly ones decide to follow McCain--as it stands with him right now--they had better watch out for their own necks come reelection time. They may all be joining another turkey named Tom Daschle.


7:08 PM  

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