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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Noonan On Bolton…

Peggy Noonan decided to touch on John Bolton today. Her column is strong to begin with, but I’d like to add a level of commentary to it from "Joe-six-pack". After all, the "intellectuals" consider us that, don’t they?

The case of John Bolton is about politics (unhousebroken conservatives must be stopped), payback (you tick me off, I'll pick you off) and personality. People who have worked with him allege he is heavy-handed, curmudgeonly and not necessarily lovably so.

Good. This is what the UN needs. They need someone who isn’t a "yes-man" like the Left in America is. Those people would toss us to the wolves if it suited them—if given the opportunity—and they wouldn’t shed a tear over it. Their spite and hate over the l;ast few weeks in regard to those that stand for the Constitution, what it means, properly, and where this country is going. I’m not a nutty conspiracy theorist here, but the mainstream of America agrees with me that things are a bit out of control.

Never before has one party in one house acted the way the Democrats have in regard to presidential nominations. This party has obstructed on any jurist they deem unqualified. I pointed out—as did my other half—that the ABA has deemed these ten jurists as "qualified" or above to handle the jobs they have been assigned to. But the Democrats like to pick and choose their facts.

It is the same for John Bolton. The Left dislike him, but not over the endless parade of clowns that keep testifying that he was mean to them, or rude to them. For the love of God, grow a skin! Bolton expects the best, and gives the best. If he pushes a bit, deal and adapt. Otherwise, fold and go away. He is in the business of ghetting results, and quite frankly, he can do it in the UN.

Their litmus tests are no less illegal on Bolton. They are discriminating against him because of their affection for the UN. They know he’ll ruffle feathers. They know he won’t be populer. Being the ambassador to the UN doesn’t evoke "popularity". Bolton will do his job.

Bad temper is a bad thing in a public servant, but it is not the worst thing. Worse is the person who judges all questions as either career-enhancing or career-retarding, who lets the right but tough choice slide if standing for it will make him controversial and therefore a target. Mr. Bolton apparently never does that. Worse is the person who doesn't really care that the right thing be done, as long he gets his paycheck. That's not Mr. Bolton either. Worse still is the cynic who is above caring about anything beyond his own concerns. And that isn't Mr. Bolton either.

Peggy Noonan is correct. Bolton is none of the above. As I stated, he expects the best, and delivers it back. He does not play the typical "partisan" games. His ideology is neither Republican nor Democrat. He acts the way he needs to, when he needs to, and it is expected he will give all. Based on his record—the same record that the Democrats in the Senate have looked at—they say he’s not qualified. Funny, he’s been confirmed four times by the US Senate. So how can Bolton not be qualified?

If he is confirmed he will walk into the U.N. as a man whose reputation is that he does not play well with the other children. Not all bad. He will not be seen as a pushover. Good. Some may approach him with a certain tentativeness. But Mr. Bolton, having been burned in the media frying pan and embarrassed, will likely moderate those parts of his personal style that have caused him trouble. He may wind up surprising everyone with his openness and friendliness. Fine.

Or he'll be a bull in a china shop.

But the U.N. is a china shop in need of a bull, isn't it? The Alfonse-Gaston routine of the past half century is all very nice, but it's given us the U.N. as it is, a place of always-disappointing potential. May not be a bad thing to try something else.

Ms. Noonan brings it home right here. Bolton isn’t going to play well with others because he knows whom he represents. He doesn’t just represent the administration. By extension, he represents the country in an organization that hates our non-capitulating backsides. We don’t drop down on our knees because the "mighty" UN says so. Bolton knows this. The Arizona Republic today offered up Bush (41) as a potential to replace Bolton. Wrong move. Bush’s father put far too much faith in the UN.

Bolton is the right man for the reformation of the UN. They will reform. And Bolton will push that. It’s needed. We can’t afford to let this criminal, corrupt organization to continue. If reform is not pushed, then it’s time for it to fall. At this point, they serve no purpose other than to continue perpetuating the problem. It’s time to end the problem, and if Bolton isn’t the solution, he’s part of it, and to the chagrin of the MSM and the Democrats, that’s a good thing!

Publius II


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