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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Option Update I


Greetings and Salutations, Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have a small problem. As Ed Morrissey points out, Thune and Frist may be among those lacking the backbone to deal with an issue of this severity.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is all but certain to press for a rule change that would ban filibusters of judicial nominations in the next few weeks, despite misgivings by some of his fellow Republicans and a possible Democratic backlash that could paralyze the chamber, close associates said yesterday.

The strategy carries significant risks for the Tennessee Republican, who is weighing a 2008 presidential bid. It could embroil the Senate in a bitter stalemate that would complicate passage of President Bush's agenda and raise questions about Frist's leadership capabilities. Should he fail to make the move or to get the necessary votes, however, Frist risks the ire of key conservative groups that will play big roles in the 2008 GOP primaries.

Frist feels he has no acceptable options to seeking the rule change unless there is a last-minute compromise, which neither party considers plausible, according to senators and aides close to the situation. "I think it's going to happen," Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) said this week, although he would prefer that Frist wait to allow more legislation to pass before the Senate explodes in partisan recriminations. Aides privy to senior Republicans'
thinking concur with Thune.

It would be nice if we could wait, but time is ticking off the clock. Not only for those that are awaiting their votes, but also for someone to fill the vacancy that will be made when Chief Justice Rehnquist steps down. And make no mistake, he will. His cancer is a toll on him despite his courage to continue.

The GOP needs to push this issue in more ways that one. It is time for Frist to step up and be the leader that he believes he is. Put the pressure on the likes of Senator McCain. The base is ready to tell those like McCain what he can do with himself. Remind those like Sen. McCain that he depends on the party for reelection. That is quite a bit of money and support he would need. Should the party decide to draw the line, McCain would be left high and dry. That is a prospect that suits me fine and dandy; regardless, I will actively campaign against him should he opt to side with the Democrats.

My partner in this loony bin says there will be no quarter given against those that continue to support the violation of our Constitution. Sadly, I must concur. Above all else sits two things. The Bible is one. Fine, call me a right-wing, nut-job, Christian conservative. Pardon me for using the Bible as a good role model for morals. But it is what we have based our laws upon, and it is recognized in the Declaration of Independence. The rights spoken of there are inherent within the Constitution itself.

And these Senators are afraid of repealing a Senate rule. They are afraid of "offending" the Democrats. Here's a hint for them: The Democrats have always hated you. Quit being girly-men, and stand up so you may be recognized. Do you stand for the Constitution, or your own little base of power? If you stand for your little power base, you will feel the backlash in 2006 or 2008. You may think that we have short memories, but you just wait and see.

How is this: Not. One. More. Dime.

Is that definitive enough for everyone? I hope so. This is the most important vote of this session of Congress. This must be carried out. I do not care if it fails. I want the vote called. Let Frist call it, and those among the GOP that vote against this option will be ours to deal with, The outrage of the public is widespread, and many are threatening similar; vote against this, and kiss your Senate seat good-bye. For the likes of Senator McCain, you will never see the inside of the Oval Office outside of a tour group.

The GOP had better wake up. Each screw up they make over this upsets their base more and more. And our patience only goes so far. Some states, like Arizona, have the ability to recall our representatives for special circumstances. A recall election is one such case.

The GOP in 2000 said they did not have enough control of the Senate to be effective. In 2002 they made gains. They said it was not enough. In 2004, not only did we put Pres. Bush back in office, we gave them a 55 vote majority in the Senate, and gave the House an extra boost to it's already overwhelming majority. What more could they want? Just do your damned job, side with your party, and stand on the side of the Constituton. Otherwise, just stand aside. The punishment will be less if you do so, otherwise you deserve every shot you receive from the bloggers, from the people, and from among your own party.

That Bunny ;)


Anonymous louielouie said...

Above all else sits two things. The Bible is one.

the other is......
just curious.

Fine, call me a right-wing, nut-job, Christian conservative. Pardon me for using the Bible as a good role model for morals.

i resemble that remark.

1:30 PM  

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