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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Passing Thoughts In Life’s Rearview Mirror…

This month had it’s fair share of news stories. Both of us tackled a handful of subjects. We even dealt with a couple that a few people wished we quit covering. But to be a blogger requires more than just a change of subjects. We change subjects when a topic hits a lull, or it meets it’s resolution, but we do not give up on something simply because others get bored; we blog on topics that many people are focused on, and depend to have as close to up-to-the minute information regarding a topic as possible. And so without further adieu, we will move onto our monthly recap.

We’ll save the best for last, and I’ll start off with the nomination and vetting process revolving around John Bolton. Now, the Democrats in the Senate have played "dirty pool" for awhile on the president’s nominees, and Bolton is no different. They have tried to characterize this man as some sort of noxious demon, spewing hate and anger on all those that have worked with him. They dig up employees from years ago that have testified that Bolton was mean to them. B-O-O H-O-O. The man expects and demands the best, and he delivers the best. This constant caterwauling over him serves no real purpose in this, other than to show how spiteful the Democrats have become. This man is qualified to handle the job he’s been nominated for. For those not keeping score, he’s been nominated as the new ambassador to the UN, and he’s the kind of guy that isn’t going to take crap from anyone, especially from a corrupt organization like the United Nations. He is going to butt heads. It’s about time. This organization hasn’t stood for democracy and freedom in years.

Fresh off the blogosphere today, we have an update regarding Giuliani Sgrena. You remember her, right? I blogged on her on my old site, and for awhile we heard nothing from her. This month we heard that the Italian government—as a part of their own independent investigation—stated that the US military was responsible for the death of Calipari, the intelligence officer sent to retrieve her. The problem is her story stunk from the start, and today we find out why. She lied. She lied from the start, she impugned our troops honor and integrity, and now I want this woman’s head on a platter. We have satellite telemetry that tracked the incident, and it shows that the car she was in was not traveling at slow speeds. It was going 60 mph, and they were not slowing down for checkpoints. They did not slow down at the one to the road leading to the airport, and our troops responded as they should have. It is sad that Calipari died, but the fault does not lie at our soldier’s feet. It lies with Calipari, and how he handled that operation.

Wonder of wonders, Syria finished it’s pullout of Lebanon. After weeks of pro-Lebanon, pro-democracy rallies, Syria finally had enough and pulled out. Don’t be fooled by the UN attempting to take credit for this act; this action is on Pres. Bush’s plate. He proved that the Bush Doctrine works. Freedom in the Middle-East is a possibility, and the people being subjugated by the ruling class, clerics, dictators, etc., want the same freedom they’re witnessing in Afghanistan and Iraq. And now it’s even more prevalent than ever. Egypt is promising free elections. Saudi Arabia is contemplating allowing women to vote ((GASP)) in their next elections. Even Iran is having problems now. The countries in the Middle-East are feeling the push from their citizens, and those citizens aren’t backing down. They want freedom. They want democracy. It is, as Machiavelli observes, a natural tendency among human beings to be free. Those nations are learning a painful lesson taught so long ago, and has been long since disregarded. Hmmm. I wonder if the Left needs a refresher lesson in The Discourses.

Last month, Pope John Paul II passed away. His legacy within the Church will live; a fact evident to the Church during the funeral as people chanted to have John Paul II sainted, and remembered as "John Paul the Great". But the cardinals elected a man that will probably change little, and be around only a short time. Cardinal Joseph Ratinzger was elevated to the papacy thanks to the college of Cardinals. He was an excellent choice, and one that my other half predicted handily. Thomas stood behind his prediction of Ratzinger until the day it was officially announced, and it made perfect sense. Ratzinger will hold true to many of the ideals that John Paul II held tightly to, and he will prize the youth above all others; they are the future of the Church. Yes, many "liberal" Catholics would have preferred to see a more "progressive" pope, but there is no room for such right now in history. We are at a turning point in history, much like John Paul II was when he was elected. Benedict XVI, as Ratzinger chose as his papacy name, will serve the Church well.

And now we move onto the subject that we have hammered on since it first hit the airwaves in the media. The Senate GOP is going to call for the Constitutional Option to be invoked, breaking a thirty year old rule that has just recently been latched onto by the Democrats. They have been filibustering, or threatening to, the president’s judicial nominees. This is an act with so much malfeasance behind it that it’s not funny. They know what their proper role regarding "advise and consent" is, and they’re disregarding it. Not only do they do so to the detriment of the judiciary and the executive branch, but also to the nation. These people are qualified to hold a seat on the federal bench, but the Democrats have decided that these people are "too extreme" for the bench. And I ask, especially after the ABA said they were perfectly qualified to hold these posts, where the extremity is that they keep talking about.

Extreme to the Left involves interpreting the law properly, and that is something they can ill afford right now. They cannot win at the ballot box, so they are using the act of judicial fiat to pass their agenda. And this is where it gets very precarious in the years to come; in the months to come. These ten jurists that Pres. Bush has nominated will almost surely end up being nominated for a post on the Supreme Court. Rehnquist is not well, and has not been for months. He has said he will step down with the high court finishes it’s session. There are others, including O’Connor and Ginsburg that have hinted they are about ready to step down themselves. Should the GOP not force this issue—force the Constitutional Option—we may be facing a judicial crisis we cannot afford to face. We must be able to balance the high court with a originalist jurist or two. But if the rules stay within the status quo, it will never happen, and we cannot tolerate such acts from a petulant party pissed about being out of power.

Many a heated subject hit the papers and the TVs this month. Nothing compared to the numerous stories revealed by bloggers. Many were worthwhile, and others weren’t. We touched on the things we paid attention to. Each and every one of them was worth the time it took to address them. Sure, we had our favorites, but we also have an obligation to you, our readers, to hit the subjects that were substantive to the nation as a whole. Benedict XVI was important. So was the Syrian withdrawal. But the most important issue we hit this month, and one that is sure to carry over to May, was the Constitutional Option. All the above subjects were worth significant note, and we are happy that all our readers enjoyed every little rant, and every little update we touched on. Thanks for reading!

Publius II & The Bunny ;)


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