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Friday, April 29, 2005

Wisdom From The Other Side Of The Aisle? That Is A Miracle…

The Washington Times had a "shock-me" story today. Harry Reid, while attempting to make sense on the floor of the Senate yesterday stated: "I would like to think a miracle would happen and we would pick up five seats this time." Harry Reid is all but admitting that the Democrats need a miracle to win back seats in the Senate. He knows that the party has a problem.

With mounting scrutiny from the public over the Bolton nomination and the judicial nominees—nominees being a primary point for the GOP platform in 2004—and an alternative media that has just brow-beat the Senate practically to death, Reid knows that his options are limited now. He knows that the Democrats are going to lose the Bolton nomination. They lost the Condi nomination, but for more than just their petty squabbles regarding how qualified she was.

Condi is a stake in the hearts of the Left. She is a successful, intelligent, well-educated, and accomplished young black woman. She has a keen mind that has been displayed to quite a few dignitaries and heads-of-state since being confirmed as Secretary of State. The relationships she garnered as National Security Advisor added to her experience when she took over the post originally held by Colin Powell.

Alberto Gonzales is a incredibly successful lawyer, with a good head for the law when it comes to the Constitution. Yes, he does have the occasional socially-liberal idea, but I can live with that. His role as Attorney General makes him the chief law enforcement officer in the United States, and he knows what is right and what is wrong when it comes to following the laws of the land. The Left attacked him for his involvement in Abu Ghraib—a totally media-driven "scandal" to begin with. Never mind the fact that it took the alternative media less than five minutes to refute what the media was saying. (Final note to the MSM: It was not torture, and even if it were, the Geneva Convention does not apply to terrorists; it grants them no protections at all.)

Reid and his gang in the Senate are blocking little ol’ John Bolton because of why? They do not like his mustache? He is a little gruff? He will not take any crap from the UN? Take your pick. I am sure they pick and choose everyday they rise. They are also blocking the judges, and again I ask why? They are too religious for a few? They abide by the proper interpretation of the Constitution?

The constant obstructionism to every little thing the president presents is getting a bit old. Brian Nick, spokesman for the NRSC, said it best.

"Senator Reid can do the math: A Democratic Party, plus no ideas, plus obstruction, plus over-the-top partisan rhetoric equals continued minority."

And that is exactly why they keep losing at the ballot box. Their rhetoric has been beyond spiteful. During the confirmation hearings and the Senate vote, one would have thought that Condi Rice and Alberto Gonzales were Joseph Goebbels and Herman Goering. The Democrats, from day one of the president’s first time, portrayed his as weak, as a liar, as someone willing to step on those below him, as a person determined to take us back to Puritan times, etc. We have all heard the quotes, time and again. They are repulsive and retarded; at times the wailing of petulant child.

There obstructionism is well-known, from judicial nominees on down the line of nominees. They dragged their heels when the president asked them for the approval to go to war, and then when the focus shifted to Iraq, they dragged their heels again. Senators like John Kerry voted against more appropriations for the troops in harm’s way. In committee they slashed the president’s request for more funds. This party does not like the president, and at every turn has tried to hinder him.

And their ideas are "nothing new". It is the same-old, same-old from the Democrats. Just throw more money at the problems, and eventually they will go away. That is not a solution. The rhetoric regarding the president’s ideas for reforming Social Security is getting a bit meaner. Especially on the heels of his press conference from last night. The Democrats do not want Social Security fixed for future generations. They want it left alone because they think it is fine, and the president has overblown the numbers regarding Social Security. One simple fact they cannot refute is that by the mid-2020’s, Social Security will be on the verge of collapse due to the ratio of people paying into it as opposed to those withdrawing from it.

Phil Singer, spokesman for the DSCC, had this to say. It is his interpretation of Reid’s comments. "If the Republicans keep abusing their power, it won't take such a miracle." He believes that Reid was referring to the Constitutional Option showdown that is building in the Senate. And I would like to point out something very important to Mr. Singer. The GOP has not abused it’s power. The Democrats are abusing theirs, or lack thereof, and have been bolstered by GOP RINOs like John McCain and Lincoln Chaffee. The more the Democrats keep the abuse up in the Senate, on the TV screens, in the papers, and across the ‘Net, people will walk away from them. They have been walking since 1994, and the Democrats keep losing. So yes, Reid is right. It will take a miracle to take back just one of the houses of Congress.

The Bunny ;)


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