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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Grant Turns South: "On My Signal, Unleash Hell."

The analogy refers to General Ulysses S. Grant, after being made commanding general of the Army of the Potomac. When queried regarding how long he would attack Lee, Grant commented that if it took all summer, he would do it. In essence, he was going to continue assaulting Lee's beleaguered forces. A sound strategy for Grant then.

As opposed to McClellan, who skirted confronting Lee's forces as much as he could; a detriment to the war, and to the Union. That's the reason why he was removed in favor of Burnside. Later, command was handed to Grant. If we could arbitrarily remove certain GOP senators, we would. It's clear to us now that this current crop isn't cutting the mustard. Now, many of our readers will ask what prompted this sort of a post. The answer is simple: Not much, just the Democrats, again.

Senator Russ Feingold, infamously remembered as Senator McCain's co-sponsor on Campaign Finance Reform, has decided that the president has committed a crime and should be censured. The crime in question? The NSA intercept program. Gone is the talk of impeachment, likely due to the fact that there would be no support for the measure, and it has been replaced by this ridiculous idea of censure.

It's ridiculous for one simple reason, and that is the president has broken no law. I'm sure that's a surprise for a few, and angry e-mails will pour in that we don't know the Constitution. "Read the Fourth Amendment, dumbass," many of them will read. We have. We know it by heart. But, to all those that would jump the gun half-cocked, all we have to say, in response, is In red Sealed Case 01-002. We get it if there are a few scratching their heads. That case, decided in 2002 by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, stated that the president had the inherent authority to monitor and intercept incoming international communications and outgoing communications from the United States without a warrant. So, Senator Feingold's claim that the president is conduction "warrantless searches and surveillance" is bogus.

To their credit, the GOP forced the issue yesterday when Senator Feingold brought it up to begin with. The Democrats blocked it. Again, today they tried, and again it was blocked. The murmurs we are hearing from DC is that the GOP is not going to push this. That is a McClellan-like mistake of non-engagement. The issue needs to be forced, and when I state "forced," I mean it. For far too long, the GOP has acted like a whipped dog. Brave enough to snarl from a distance, but when the burglar steps up to him, he cowers. That is the GOP right now.

Enough of this already. Contrary to the claim of Senator John Kyl, this is not fun and games as usual. We are entering an election season, and the GOP has much to prove. The base has no qualms, really, with the president. They know he is doing the best he can. The gripe the base has is with his support in Congress; specifically, the Senate. When John Murtha called for a withdrawal of our troops from Iraq, the House GOP gave in, and forced the vote on the measure. It was defeated with only three people--including Murtha--voting in favor of the motion. Yes, we still here from Murtha, but not nearly as much as the week where he was standing on his soapbox.

The same must now happen in the Senate. We will not accept the GOP letting the Democrats slide on this one. We watched as the GOP gave the Democrats a pass on judicial nominees, tax cuts, defense appropriations, ANWaR, and any lies they choose to tell of the president from the floor during debate. I know that the rules of Congress state that members must act accordingly, and that the do have the freedom of speech from the floor, but whatever happened to calling someone on the carpet for comments made? Whatever happened to a senator, after heaping a load of kind words, and praising gestures to their opposing collegues, looking at that same person and saying "You sir, are out of line"?

It's gone, and the GOP can't afford to do that. Not from a political perspective, or from a common sense perspective. From a political perspective, the base needs to be reassured that the GOP will be there for the president. If it's not, then the voters may not be there when we need them in November. From a common sense angle, the accusations made by Senator Feingold are flat-out wrong. It's a lie. And the GOP needs to look at the Democrats and tell them, "Put up or shut up." Force the issue. Call your senators--both of them--and encourage them to call this to a vote. Demand from the GOP that they find their "inner Grant" and discard the cloak of McClellan they've been wearing. Tell your senators you want them to call Senator Feingold and his nutter party on the carpet. If they don't, it'll be another notch on the belt of the Democrats when the day is done.

The Bunny ;)
Publius II


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