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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Drudge NewsFlash: Armitage Leaked

Naturally, nothing has been confirmed as yet, but Drudge has the following flash report up on his site:
(Hat-Tip: Michelle Malkin.)

WASH POST's Ben Bradlee Claims Plame Leaker Was Richard Armitage
Mon Mar 13 2006 10:48:34 ET

THE WASHINGTON POST's famous Watergate editor Ben Bradlee claims that it was former State Department Deputy Secretary Richard Armitage who was the individual who leaked the identity of CIA official Valerie Plame.

In the latest issue of VANITY FAIR: "Woodward was in a tricky position. People close to him believe that he had learned about Plame from his friend Richard Armitage, Colin Powell's former deputy, who has been known to be critical of the administration and who has a blunt way of speaking. 'That Armitage is the likely source is a fair assumption,' former WASHINGTON POST editor Ben Bradlee said.

"'I had heard about an e-mail that was sent that had a lot of unprintable language in it.'"

As I stated, there is no solid confirmation on this, as yet, however, Michelle does point to a couple of pieces by the guys at Just One Minute where they speculated the same thing back in November of 2005.

Today's piece where Tom Maguire comments on the news flash.

Nov. 20, 2005 where Evan Thomas and Michael Isikoff of Newsweek speculate in a column that it might have been Richard Armitage.

Nov. 27, 2005 where Tom points out that the New York Times speculated that Armitage was one of those who was not talking much about it, and was a likely suspect.

Either way you look at this, it is quite obvious that "Scooter" Libby was not the person with the loose lips to sink Valerie Plame's non-covert ship. Patrick Fitzgerald either did not speak with Armitage, believing that he might not have been involved, or he did, and Armitage might have lied. It would make much more sense that State might have leaked her name. Joe Wilson's trip to Niger would have to have been cleared through CIA and State. His trip there was kept on the QT until after he came back home. As we know the Bush Administration has had an ongoing battle with the diplomatic dimwits at State since his first term. The dovish, diplomatically-minded Colin Powell was not suiting the president's needs as this country took a war-footing in Afghanistan and Iraq. When he stepped down, the president put Dr. Rice in charge of State, and she has done a decent job cleaning the place up; reminding these diplomatically-inclined nitwits that they work for America, not the world.

If Armitage is indeed the leaker, it would not surprise me in the least.

The Bunny ;)


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