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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mark Steyn Dropped?

(There are multiple posts today; scroll down for the new ones.)

I do hope everyone enjoyed our open topics discussion yesterday, including the debate that I had with Sabrina, right here on the site, over Iran, the Strait of Hormuz, and what might be looming on the horizon for us. Also, for those confused by the times at the bottom of the posts, we did that on purpose so you--the reader--would have them in the order that they were posted. Blogger.com stacks the newest posts on top of older posts, which makes it difficult, at times, to follow. So, from now on, disregard the time that posts are put up. If the time is relevant to the post, we will update it ourselves within the post, based on our relative time zones. Remember, Thomas and I are in Arizona. Sabrina lives in Illinois.

On to the bad news of the day. From "Caesar Hughus Hewittus" he has the news:

While I was away on vacation, Great Britain's Sunday Telegraph and Spectator magazine dropped Mark Steyn from their contributors' list.

I am notably peeved over this. And I cannot begin to fathom why they would drop a superb columnist like Mark Steyn. Thomas and I have highlighted him on more than one occasion here on the site. But then, there is the March 9th column penned by Lionel Shriver which allows us a tad bit of insight.

Lastly, let me rue the passing of Mark Steyn's syndication in Britain, for his column has now been dropped by both the Sunday Telegraph and the Spectator. I don't know the inside story, so I can't be certain that the jettisoning of this notoriously conservative Canadian constitutes political self-censorship.

Thus my indignation is solely on account of my own entertainment. Fair enough, few Guardian readers would share his hard-right views. I don't always agree with him either, but I love Mark Steyn. Even though I write them, I cannot bear most columns, which when light-hearted usually err on the trivial, and when serious usually err on the po-faced. But however you may deplore his opinions, Steyn is funny. How often do you read comment pages and laugh aloud? He writes about big issues with tremendous energy, and he has a sensibility now more pertinent to British politics than ever: a refined sense of the absurd.

Regardless of one's beliefs, Mr. Shriver is correct on one thing: Mark is funny. Thomas and I enjoyed Ann Coulter's columns with their wit. However, compared to Mark Steyn, Ann is an amateur. I do not say that because of past dust-ups that I have had with the conservative pundit. Ann has perfected the art of the slam; getting a deeply grievous dig on liberals. Mark has created the art of the absurdity; that is, making light of the stupidity of the Left, and their minions.

And as Hugh points out, Mark is not "notoriously Conservative." He is simply a conservative. And an excellent one at that. Thursdays are a regular joy for us when we listen to his interviews on Hugh's show. And editors should take note of the fact that he is that good. His site provides the same commentary that his regular columns do, with a bit of a twist, at times. If you have to, call your local papers and ask for them to pick him up.

As for me, I am already on the phone to mine making that same request. Until he does find a new place to hang his hat I hope the Sunday Telegraph and Spectator lose a few readers for their foolishness in removing this outstanding columnist from their pages.

The Bunny ;)


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