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Monday, March 13, 2006

Open Topic Sunday ...

... Ands allow me the opportunity to explain. After much discussion last night we have made a decision that we hope to keep up on Sundays. On the site, provided we abide by the parameters we have set (no swearing, per se) we will be posting anything we want. Now, on most slow Sundays, you can guess some of the weird things that might be posted. (Be prepared for the requisite weird quiz like "What Lord Of The Rings character you might be" or some such. We come across them often, and they're amusing to do.) But, we could post almost anything.

Please, allow me to start the day off much as it was left. You all remember last night's final post regarding Sen. McCain? If not, let me use this opportunity to refresh your memories, care of Matt Drudge/li>.

Facing a loss at a 2008 straw poll event this weekend, Senator John McCain of Arizona told his supporters to write in President Bush [?] as a sign of support, leaving many sputtering.

"For the next three years, with our country at war, he's our president and the only one who needs our support," McCain told nearly 2,000 party activists from 26 states gathered in Memphis.

McCain, realizing the national political media had descended on the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, moved to discredit the straw poll by asking delegates to vote for Bush, insiders claim.

Instead of stopping the momentum of Majority Leader Bill Frist - widely anticipated to win the straw poll - the move seemed to expose the McCain camp's insincerity about its position with the base.

One activist said, "McCain voted against all the Bush tax cuts... maybe he should have voted for the president then, instead of waiting for a political stunt to try and distract."

That jog anyone's memory? This is where McCain is touted as a "butt-kissing" Bush supporter. For all the Left out there, it isn't "butt-kissing" when you support the sitting president. No offense to conservatives out there, but I didn't lower myself to slamming Clinton when he was in office. I shared my unbiased, blunt opinions of him after he left office. My gripes with the former president resulted from ideological differences, his constant disrespect regarding the military, and his violations of the law. Period. The same goes from President Bush. My disagreements with the current president range on the ideological scale from a lack of attention to our borders, being fiscally irresponsible in some areas, and not having the fortitude to pull his party together when it is needed. McCain is neither a Bush supporter, nor does he kiss anyone's butt, save his own. That goes double for his mirror. Narcissistic, indeed, and quite unstable; and yes, that is my opinion. But, as Drudge reports (and Thank God to all you smart people) he did not fool anyone at the SRLC ...

UPDATE: Frist finished first with 36.9% in the straw poll. Romney finished second with 14.4%, just under half as many votes as Frist. Activists rejected the McCain campaign shenanigans with Allen tying Bush at 3rd.

The president received numerous standing ovations - he is still very popular among activists despite bad poll numbers. McCain finished 5th.

The classifies us as "stupid." Were we that stupid, we would have bought his garbage. This is also evident in Hillary's early polling for 2008 when a definitive amount of voters in New York and California stated that no, they wouldn't vote for the former first Lady, and junior senator from the state of New York. People are tired of "mavericks" like McCain who would sell out his own party for the occasional accolade. I hate to be the bearer of bad news for Sen. McCain, but should he manage by some miracle to obtain the GOP nomination, his friendly press associates would quickly turn hostile. In short the senator would find himself completely frozen out; a snowball's chance in Hell of obtaining the Oval Office. Trust me. I've seen it.

People are also sick of seeing the Clintons, in any sort of light. People see that hard-as-nails, liberal Hillary Clinton is trying to make herself more "moderate"; a centrist Democrat who cares for the little person, when she really doesn't. McCain would sell out his party. Hillary would sell her anything and everything to get the Oval Office. She's tasted power before--higher than anyone within the Senate--and she wants it back. She has a press who will fawn over her, excuse her husband's misdeeds and compromising situations, and ignore any annoying facts that might get in the way of the voter.

People aren't as stupid as the media and the Left paint them to be. We woke up on 11 September, and started taking notice of things in life. Things transcend partisan bickering. The Democrats would like the public to go back to sleep. The problem is it's sort of hard to do that when we keep waking up with the possibility of another nightmare morning like 11 September. Next time around, it won't be commercial airliners. Passengers who remember Flight 93 where Todd Beamer led a group of people to retake that plane won't let that happen again. It'll be something more subtle. Who knows. The next time it might be chartered airplanes. Little or no security, and less people to wrestle with, if that's the case. It's a scenario that's been bouncing around in my head for a few days now.

Of course, Marcie will remind any of our regular readers that my initial foray and forte in writing was fiction. Now it's not, but the scenario is something I'm chewing on right now. nd that is a nightmare any way you slice it. America shouldn't ever have to wake up to that ever again, or any attack on her home soil. I doubt Sen. McCain could ensure that, and it's nice to see that people at the SLRC agreed. At least, in part, by disbelieving the spin.

Publius II


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