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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

We Need To Be Out Of The UN: Reason Number--112,502 ...

As if there were not enough reasons already to leave the UN, the organization provides us with one more. Michelle Malkin has the photos. I do hope the Danish are paying attention. Go there real quick, and see the new UN poster against racism.

Michelle points out a letter she received from a reader:

You might be reaching a little to suppose that the UN meant to criticize Denmark in that poster on racism. I think it's a clever way a making a very good point about bigotry, that it's not always what we think it is. Let's not be hypersensitive and constantly seeking out imagined insults in our culture like the PC crowd does.

Her answer to that? Why, it's the news story the UN itself put out over their own news service:

Racism and racial discrimination are on the upswing and becoming widespread throughout the world, with the current global situation confirming the worst expectations that man's worst tendencies are created in the womb, a United Nations expert on racism warned today.

While racial discrimination used to be the province of extremist far right political parties, it is now becoming a regular part of democratic systems, being blended in for example with the fight against terrorism, Doudou Diène, Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance told the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in Geneva.

Racism and xenophobia are coming out of the closet, in a sense, and gradually creeping into the policies of mainstream political actors, Mr. Diène said. That fact is manifest not only in the backing away from cultural diversity manifested by many States, but also in restrictive policies regarding immigrants and asylum-seekers.

Speeches against immigrants, foreigners and asylum-seekers are becoming popular and intellectual legitimization is being granted to those currents, he added.

Referring to the recent controversial depictions of the Prophet Muhammad in Danish newspaper cartoons and the violent reactions, he said the cartoons illustrated the increasing emergence of the racist and xenophobic currents in everyday life. But the political context in Denmark was what had given birth to the cartoons.

It was one in which an extremist political party enjoyed 13 per cent of the vote and had formed part of the governing coalition. The development of Islamophobia or any racism and racial discrimination always took place in the context of the emergence of strong racist, extremist political parties and a corresponding absence of reaction against such racism by the country's political leaders, Mr. Diène said.

There were other factors, including increased immigration flows, and the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks against the United States, but the political factor was an essential condition, he said.

He called for international mechanisms, including the UN General Assembly, to treat cases such as the Danish cartoons not as a clash of civilizations but as a debate on the balancing of two rights, freedom of expression and freedom of religion. The law, he stressed, could not provide a satisfactory answer. It would have to be accompanied by a lot of thinking on the need for inter-religious, inter-ethnic and intercultural dialogue.

Special Rapporteurs, who are unpaid and serve in a personal capacity, receive their mandates from the UN Commission on Human Rights.

Notice that? First off, the highlighted topic are the Danish cartoons. Secondly, the UN has stated that the laws on the books for Denmark do not seem to suit their needs. Since when does the UN make the laws for Denmark? For that matter, who died and made these bureaucrats master of the house. Denmark is a sovereign nation with laws in place that will either vindicate the outraged, rioting Muslims, or the cartoonists. Should it protect the cartoonists, is the UN basically ordering them to place constraints on the freedom of speech? Are they telling Denmark they want laws in place to specifically protect the rights of Muslims based on their interpretation of Sharia law? Please. The Muslims who rioted in France said a similar statement when the riots subsided.

Basically, if you would exclude us from your laws, and allow to live by Sharia law, this would not have happened.

Garbage. When one moves to another nation, they agree to live by that nation's laws. Denmark has no law allowing one irrate group to issue death threats and call for the beheading of a pundit expressing an opinion. It's not there. There is not "an eye for an eye" law in Denmark. Yet it happened. Do they want Denmark to bow to Muslim law?

If the UN likes to keep its insignificant relevance in the world, they will step back and realize that we--America--will only take so much of that, and God forbid they do something like that to us, overtly. I am aware of the UN, and the treaties that we are a part of that connects us to them. However, the UN does not run the US, nor should it run any nation. Sovereignty, despite the UN's aversion to that concept, is still alive and well in the 21st Century, and it is not likely to go away any time soon. Ask Europe. Even after the EU's conception, and the rocky road is pretty much died down, the French and Germans demanded that their borders be respected; there would be no unified Europe.

To the UN, I say c'est la vie. Such is the life of absolutely stupid irrelevance.

The Bunny ;)


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