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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It's Not Sunday But We're Still Covering The Documents

And so is the Scotsman apparently as they found the same document that we did. (We didn't get a chance to comment on it yesterday.)

SADDAM Hussein ordered plans to be drawn up for a chemical weapons attack on Kurdish guerrilla bases in northern Iraq in 1987, according to a letter signed by his personal secretary.

The letter was among a series of memos between Saddam's office, military intelligence and the army found by United States troops in Iraq; they do not say if the attack was carried out.

The planned attack appears to have been part of the 1987-88 campaign that left more than 180,000 Kurds dead and demolished hundreds of Kurdish villages in northern Iraq. In the most notorious incident, the town of Halabja was bombed with mustard and nerve gas in 1988, killing 5,000 residents.

In the papers released by the US, a report from Iraq's military intelligence details the bases of Kurdish rebels, led by Ibrahim Barzani, and Iranian troops.

Saddam's secretary replies, saying, "The leader Mr President has ordered that your department study with experts a surprise attack with special ammunition in the areas of Barzani's gangs and the [former Iranian leader Ayatollah] Khomeini Guards."

"Special ammunition" is the phrase used throughout Saddam's regime for chemical weapons. Later documents mention specifically the nerve agent sarin and mustard gas.

This was back in 1987, and it shows that he was more than willing to directly order his troops to use the gas on Kurds. Also mention in the document is the possible use of Sarin, though his advisors in the field warned that the weather conditions at the time would have made it's use impossible. For all the people out there that say this man didn't directly order the attacks on the Kurds, this document proves otherwise. To those that state he never had WMDs, this is another pieceof the puzzle that shows he did.

The question in contention right now, as it has been since the beginning of the Iraq Phase of the GWOT is did he have WMDs at the time of our invasion. According to the Left, we didn't find any. According to the administration we didn't find any in the stockpiles that were predicted. Yes, the president has come out and stated that we have found no WMDs in Iraq. This is somewhat puzzling as other experts disagree with the president. Likewise, he is quick to point to WMDs, in general, and not the components for them. So, the president is not speaking about the 1.77 metric tons of enriched uranium found in Iraq, and moved by US troops, nor is he talking about the 1500 gallons of chemical agents found in Iraq; the largest stockpile of chemical agents found to date.

Of course the only person who knows why he isn't talking about these finds is the president himself. The New Media has picked up on this sort of news out of Iraq since we went in. And now we have others from the regime confirming what the United Nations confirmed for the world in 2004. That yes, Saddam did have WMDs, and they were moved before, during, and after the invasion of Iraq in 2003. What could be the ultimate moment for vindication for the administration has been dragged down into the debate gutter, with those on the Left arbitrarily denouncing those who bring this sort of information up.

But it can't be denied. He used them before, as the documents prove, and he still possessed them when we went into his country to remove him, as the UN confirmed. As evidence for his trial, this is positively damning. As evidence for the Left and the MSM, they offer only yawns and disdain. And that is completely true in regard to the documents dumped in everyone's lap last week. For the most part, the MSM didn't even acknowledge it. And those that did had disclaimers up for the report stating that the authenticity could not be confirmed (which is garbage because the administration has confirmed a good majority of these documents through the people that saw them, and wrote them that we have in custody) and that the media outlet was simply reporting what was in them, and offering no further clarification.

Chickens. Or maybe ostriches is more appropriate. It doesn't fit into the MSM's worldview, so they are glad to disassociate themselves from it. Yet I'm willing to bet that had their been a document released showing the president in the same light as Saddam Hussein has been shown over the last few days, they'd be all over it--whether the documents had been declared authentic or not, a la Dan Rather.

Publius II


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