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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sen. Clinton Just Blew Her Foot Off

Senator Hillary Clinton pulled a Howard Dean in front of her constituents, and now I'm giving you the news story that hangs her using her own rope.

Invoking Biblical themes, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton joined immigration advocates Wednesday to vow and block legislation seeking to criminalize undocumented immigrants.

Clinton, a potential 2008 presidential candidate and relative latecomer to the immigration debate, made her remarks as the Senate prepares to take up the matter next week.

Clinton renewed her pledge to oppose a bill passed in December by the House that would make unlawful presence in the United States _ currently a civil offense _ a felony. The Senate is set to consider a version of that legislation, as well as several other bills seeking to address the seemingly intractable issue of immigration reform.

Surrounded by a multicultural coalition of New York immigration advocates, Clinton blasted the House bill as "mean-spirited" and said it flew in the face of Republicans' stated support for faith and values. "It is certainly not in keeping with my understanding of the Scriptures," Clinton said, "because this bill would literally criminalize the Good Samaritan and probably even Jesus himself."

Clinton did not specifically endorse any competing legislation, including a bill co-authored by Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) and another by Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.), saying she hoped the Senate Judiciary Committee would produce a compromise incorporating the best elements of all the bills and would remove the harsh penalties contained in the House measure.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) has said the Senate will take up his proposal to tighten borders and punish employers who hire illegal immigrants if the Judiciary Committee doesn't complete a broader bill by next week.

Among other things, Clinton said she would support legislation that would strengthen U.S. borders, boost technology to secure the borders, and seek greater cross-border cooperation with Mexico and other neighboring countries.

She also called for new enforcement laws, including penalties for employers who exploit illegal immigrants, as well as a system to allow the roughly 11 million illegal immigrants currently living in the United States to earn their citizenship.

Clinton expressed sympathy to representatives of communities along the U.S.-Mexico border that are frustrated by the stress of providing social services to large numbers of undocumented immigrants. But she also said she hoped to send a message that supporters of punitive immigration policy faced significant political risk for doing so.

"We want the outcome to be that they're on the wrong side of the politics as well as the wrong side of history and American values," she said.

President Bush has argued for a guest worker program that would allow undocumented immigrants already in the United States to keep their jobs for up to six years. The effort hasn't gained much momentum, partly due to fierce resistance from others within the GOP.

All right I'd like to voice a couple things about this issue. As a citizen of the United States residing in Arizona, I see what illegal immigration is like without any sort of serious enforcement. And this isn't a slam on our border patrol or ICE (though I still disagree with the president's choice of Julie Myers to head up ICE). I understand the work those people do. However, let's get the politicians to start calling them what they are. They are illegal immigrants. Unlike Senator Clinton's phrase--migrant workers--I'm not decrminalizing the classification. Yes, it is against the law to enter our nation illegally. You have to go through our visa system to obtain the proper paperwork to reside here temporarily, or begin the process to become citizens.

Despite the idiocy of criminalizing something that is already criminal, the senator seems to forget that these people come here, and somehow they obtain all the perks of being a citizen without being a citizen. THAT is what I'm truly outraged about. These people aren't citizens. Therefore, they shouldn't have the same rights, privileges, and protections that we as citizens are guaranteed. Call me a racist if you want, but to do so shows your own stupidity.

As always, my faith and loyalty lie within the Constitution. All rights that these people are granted under the Constitution is a gross miscarriage of jurisprudence. I'm sorry, but that is how I feel, and I'm not the only one in Arizona that thinks this way. Recently, the Arizona governor, Janet Napolitano pulled a grandstand; she ordered the National Guard to the border, but refuses--after declaring the border a "state of emergency", thereby avoiding a posse comitatus problem--to deploy them. Her reasoning? The federal government needs to pay for it. I won't go into the stupidity regarding that reasoning, however I will say that the people of Arizona aren't too happy with her right now. Unfortunately, barring a "miracle candidate," she is likely to win reelection this year.

But for Hillary to say that? This goes back to the mistakes made by the recent Democrat party, and is outlined so well in Hugh Hewitt's new book, "Painting the Map Red." The Democrats, as they maneuver through the political tides, seem unable to keep from upsetting their moderate base, and coonservative Democrats; these people have wondered what happened to their party, just like Ronald Reagan, and Zell Miller. Though Zell never changed parties, he found himself siding more with the Republican party than his fellow Democrats. His speech before the RNC was the end of him when it came to the Democrats. Like the selfish brats that they are, they froze a good man out of his own party; a sort of punishment for committing the unforgivable sin of condemning the Democrat Party. His indictment at the 2004 RNC was met with thunderous applause.

Unlike Hillary, Zell Miller always told you how it was. He was honest, and hard-working. It was a shame to watch him leave the political scene. It wouldn't be a sad day to watch Hillary leave the scene. Rather than retiring into obscurity, like most presidents and first ladies do, Hillary decided to run for the Senate, and Bill can't sit down and shut up long enough before craving a camera or a microphone. I'd leave these people be if they'd just go away. But, as long as they're sticking around ....

What irritates me about the utter idiocy on display by Hillary is that she's a lawyer. She knows better. She knows the law of the nation, and she's doing her damndest to screw them up, and forgive a lot of people who broke the law. I get their plight, but I'm one for forgiving a crime, and neither should anyone in Congress. The only reason why Congress is doing this is to wipe the slate clean, and start fresh. That's great, that's wonderful, but it's implausible to ask America to allow another amnesty. The first occurred in the Reagan years. It was a mistake then, and it's an even greater mistake now.

We created this problem with our lacksidaisical approach to our border security. We turned a blind eye to it long enough. The border should be controlled, and the lawbreakers need to be arrested, and prosecuted or deported. BOTH sides are culpable in this mess; there is no partisan swipe taken here. I'm upset with both parties. But being upset about it doesn't solve the problem. Working the problem does. And by my count, Hillary's trying to avoid doring precisely that. While the GOP moves to address the issue, she's out condemning the efforts before they really get going.

Now, is this the sort of person you want as predsident? Anyone?

Publius II

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