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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Palestinian Watch: When Does The War Break Out?

Yes, thanks to Little Green Footballs we are watching to see if a civil war does break out in Gaza. Apparently, some Palestinians are not too happy with the way things are going there after the Hamas win.

Palestinian gunmen laid siege to two government ministries in the Gaza Strip in shootouts with police officers that left three people wounded.

Demanding jobs, members of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, a faction loosely affiliated to the defeated former ruling Fatah party, forced their way into the Gaza offices of the foreign and finance ministries, located in the same complex.

Three people -- two civilians and a gunman -- were wounded in the subsequent exchange of fire between militants and police officers.

In a separate incident, two police officers and a gunman were wounded in a shootout when Al-Aqsa militants ambushed a police convoy near Erez, the main crossing point between the Gaza Strip and Israel, a police source said.

The militants had blockaded the main road near Erez to demand the authorities give them jobs in the Palestinian security services.

The targeted convoy was en route to Erez to fetch Palestinian police chief Alaa Hosni, who was expected in Gaza Strip from the West Bank.

Security chaos runs rife in the Palestinian territories where armed groups largely operate above the law and the authorities have proved incapable of enacting on promises to rein in gunmen.

Despite the tragedy within the violence there, you can almost see the surreal comedy of the al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade terrorists. They want jobs. What is a terrorist to do when the government they "support" is trying to look legitimate in the eyes of the world so they can get monetary contributions to run the government? That is the dilemma the Palestinians are in right now. They need to rein in these terrorists, and get them to lay down their arms.

But how is one supposed to do that when the government in charge is run by a terrorist organization that has refused to renounce their violent ways, and still vows the destruction of Israel? It is not easy, to be sure. Thomas and I predicted that with the pullout of the Israelis from Gaza, that the Palestinians would tear the area apart. Indeed, during the pullout, Palestinians destroyed the small agricultural famrs erected in Gaza, and profaned a few Jewish holy sites within the Strips confines. We also predicted that the Israelis would have to go back in, eventually, and attempt to restore order.

In the elections due up next week in Israel, Bibi Netanyahu is favored to win the prime minister's seat, thus ending the short reign of Ehud Olmert, who has been seen as fairly ineffectual regarding the Israeli's ongoing Palestinian problems. Should Mr. Netanyahu be elected to Sharon's former position, the Palestinians will be dealing with a no-nonsense prime minister. The same goes for Iran as Mr. Netanyahu has made it clear that a strike on Iranian nuclear facilities could be well within the plans of Israel to protect itself.

A civil war is coming, and it is likely to be kicked off by the Palestinians tearing themselves apart; a prize fight for control of the region where the moderates who truly desire peace may end up being the biggest casualty there.

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