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Monday, March 20, 2006

Open Topic Sunday ... Documents: Part III

How I wish I knew Arabic or Farsi to translate these documents. OK. Real quick, Marcie and I have posted on two particular reports. Both audio transcriptions, and aside from her discovery of Iraq's possible alliance with Iran, there isn't a whole helluva lot in these releases. A lot of the documents revolve around the UN Security Council, and the Special Commission on Iraq headed up by Rolf Ekeus. There's a lot of talk around two separate and distinct topics when it comes to these conversations.

First, Iraqi officials admit that they had basically come clean regarding their conventional weapons. These are included amongst the terms of the 1991 Gulf War cease-fire agreement. Saddam agreed to the: destruction, or removal of all chemical and biological weapons, all stocks of agents and components, all research, development, support and manufacturing facilities for ballistic missiles with a range greater than 150km and related repair and production facilities. Their conventional weapons, while admitted to and turned over for destruction, were not the things that they were hiding. In several transcripts, they admit to having certain stocks of chemical and biological agents. These were catalogued by the UN inspectors, and were already known of. What they didn't know of were the stockpiles they had hidden elsewhere.

And in those transcripts, it is clear that they didn't want Ekeus or the UN finding out about them. So, naturally there was a little consternation in regard to those components. But this was all from the past. At best, this gives us insight as to how they manipulated the UN during that time and flaunting the resolutions as they continued to progress through their research. And much of this does relate to research. There is a particular document that talks about their research into plasma and lasers. The plasma had an overt use for their nuclear program, but the people that were spoken to were military industrial scientists that were discussing other uses for it.

Over at Iraq the Model, Omar had this translation finished, which gives us a smoking gun in regard to Saddam's ties to al-Qaeda:

Our Afghani source #002 (info on him in paper slip ‘1’) has informed us that Afghani consular Ahmed Dahistani (info on him in paper slip ‘2’) had spoken before him of the following:

1-That Usama Bin Ladin and the Taliban group in Afghanistan are in contact with Iraq and that a group from the Taliban and Usama Bin Ladin’s group had conducted a visit to Iraq.

2-That America possesses evidence that Iraq and Usama Bin Ladin’s group had cooperated to strike targets inside America.

3-Incase Taliban and Usama’s group are proven involved in those sabotage operations, it will be possible that America directs strikes at Iraq and Afghanistan.

4-That the Afghani consular had heard about the Iraq connections with Usama Bin Ladin’s group during his presence in Iran.

5-In the light of what preceded we suggest writing to the Intentions Committee about the above information.

Please be informed…..your feedback please…..with appreciation.

I would honestly say that between Marcie's discovery of warming relations between Iran and Iraq, and this piece of information regarding al Qaeda that the moonbats should be left fairly speechless. At least, we'd hope so, and I expect some conciliatory statements from them, too. But, we're not holding our breath.

And don't worry, I'm sure there's more to come out of this document dump. This won't be everything that the Iraqis have records of.

Publius II


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