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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Announcement! We Are Officially Members Of The 101st "Fighting Keyboardists."

The request was sent to Captain Ed this afternoon, and we are now members of the coalition of the "Keebees." This is not something that any of us take lightly. Nor was it a decision that was easy to reach. I spoke with both Marcie and Sabrina, and they agreed (finally) to join the alliance made by Captain Ed, Frank at IMAO and Derek of Freedom Dogs.

This is an honor and a privilege, and we are happy to serve in anyway possible. We will do so with the same professionalism (and sarcasm) as our readers have grown to know, and like.

As for the links to the other "dreadnoughts" in the "Keebees" armada, we will be adding those links over the next couple of weeks. Time is short right now, but there will be new links up tomorrow afternoon. The media links will be removed, as they need no further "pimping" from anyone. As an industry, they are failing miserably. We do not prop up failures, nor do we "prop" anything up. Those wishing to stand do so on their own at first, and with friends later. That is what we have done here.

As for the graphic displaying the proud symbol of the "Keebees,' we are working on that, as well. We are hoping to have it up in our sidebar soon. (At least sooner than what it took for us to figure out how to link within a post as the professional bloggers do rather thans imply cutting and pasting an address.) But, I'm no Einstein when it comes to computer code. This will be trial and error until I figure it out.

As for tomorrow, in addition to the links, we hope to put a new spin on our Open Topic Sunday posts. We're going to try something new, and we're going to keep it at the top of the page all day. Tomorrow, if we can get Sabrina on the phone and the 'Net, we will be running a Q&A session here. I'll prepare the questions tonight, and I'd like the ladies' opinions on the record with mine. One full post, and our thoughts altogether. It's nothing really all that bold. We have done this before in collaborative posts, but it would be kinda cool to see us all deal with the same topics at once.

After that's done, we're free to post what we wish, so be sure to scroll down past the Q&A session to see any further posts.

Publius II


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's this all about Fox? I'm stunned.


11:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on joining the Fighting 101st Keyboardists aka Keebees! It sounds like fun. I've always liked the Captain's Quarters picture. I thought he had a calendar? Anyway, good luck! Rawriter

1:10 AM  

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