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Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday Thoughts

Yes, it is Good Friday, which is a high holy day for us Catholics. (This, of course, means no meat today, and fasting; remembering the reason for our sacrifice on this day.) So, as people can guess, blogging will be light. (This will be my only post today; Thomas already has two up for the day. Scroll down for those.) And I thought I would put together some quick notes.

Based on the fallout over the South Park episode, I can claim I was wrong in my post yesterday regarding this issue. It seems that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have come out with a statement. According to that statement, Comedy Central told them that they would not put a Mohammed image in South Park after the violence protests that broke out over the cartoons published in the Jyllands-Posten newspaper. This is, in short, dhimmitude on a larger scale. Comedy Central has no problem with Jon Stewart making fun of the president, or even Parker and Stone's gag from said episode that involved Jesus defecating on the president. But they have a problem with images of Mohammed. Go figure. As I stated yesterday, I have never seen South Park, and will die happily knowing that I never will. It is not like I just missed some cosmic phenomenon; it is a cartoon, and a terrible one at that.

Thomas, in a post from earlier today, brought up Barry Bonds. Now while I am an athlete (I swim), I do not pay too much attention to other sports. If hockey is on, and he is watching it, I may watch a little, but not a whole game. I am just not all that into sports. However, I do share Thomas' opinion regarding Mr. Bonds. In his testimony he admitted to taking the BALCO designer steroids. His excuse (which from what I have heard does not sit well with baseball fans) is that he took them unwillingly and unknowingly. Well he can spin that any which way he wants, but the simple fact of the matter is that he did take them. Steroids have been illegal in the United States for years, and that trumps anything that MLB has banned. Just because baseball did not ban it does not mean it was not already illegal. In the case of steroids, this is true. It does not matter what baseball says because the laws of the land trump baseball's rules. If any sport were to loosen their steroid policy to allow them, they would still be illegal to possess and use according to US law. As for his leagal troubles involving perjury, well, that is something he will have to work out. In that case, I leave it to the jury of his peers who will judge him.

Lastly, as this is Good Friday, that means Sunday is Easter. That means there will be extremely light blogging on Sunday. A post, or two, and Sabrina may stop by to offer some thoughts. I know that she was working on a possible post last night, but would not go into details. Goodie. A surprise. We like surprises, especially the pleasant ones. So, we will see what happens. Hopefully Sunday will be a slow enough news day that it will give us all a welcome respite.

Until then, we wish all of our readers a safe Good Friday, and may you and your family enjoy a very Happy Easter, indeed.

The Bunny ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish the three of you, Bunny, Pundit and Publius II a very Happy Easter. Your Blog is tops in my book! Rawriter

2:29 AM  

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