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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Show Me The Mohammed: South Park Backs Out

I really did not give this much thought when I first saw it. I have never seen South Park, and I have never had the desire to do so. I find it rude, crude, and wholly unworth my time. However, Michelle Malkin jumped on this, and was pretty far in her investigation into this. As were many others in the blogosphere. A close blogger friend of ours also commented on this. Hopefully she will see that the "new" video running around about this is a hoax, as Brendan Loy has pointed out on his site.

(Not bad for a USC guy, right Hugh?)

He has done a point by point breakdown of the clip floating around the blogosphere, and how it appears to have been photshopped. To all the bloggers who are out there and following this issue right now, do not fall for the hoax. Neither Trey Parker or Matt Stone have mentioned anything about a deleted scene (as opposed to their original five minute short that they have shown only a couple times because of it's controversy; that would be according to Thomas).

And in my opinion, I do not think that there was ever a scene to begin with. I think both men have jumped on the notoriety of the Mohammed cartoons in a blatant attempt to garner popularity for their show. I have read more than one blogger that tuned in to watch this episode, and many of them had never watched South Park, or only watched a couple of times before.

This stinks to high heaven of some serious PR duping. I doubt that they were planning to show Mohammed in this episode. They had done that once before in a previous episode (a point Brendan Loy brings up. He believes that the Mohammed in the phony clip was simply photo-shopped into the clip), but it went virtually unnoticed by the screaming meemies of Islamofascism. This episode was built on controversy; the controversy of making fun of Mohammed, and the hullabaloo surrounding the Mohammed cartoons. I do believe that the people who tuned into the show were whammied into believing that they would do it. And the only controversy that anyone can seem to find is the part where Jesus defecates on the president.

Boring. I have seen far worse from the antiwar Left. I have endured far more from some of the shrieking moonbats in a chatroom. That was not a big deal. This episode was not a big deal. And the show itself, in my opinion, is a complete waste of time.

The Bunny ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link love!!!

Turns out Michelle Malkin called Comedy Central, and they did indeed refuse to show Muhammed on their channel. You give me more to think about, though.

9:59 PM  

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