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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Liveblogging Wade Zirkle and Hugh

Wade Zirkle is the executive director of Vets For Freedom who penned an extremely scathing editorial in the WaPo this morning. The editorial is a slap in the face back to Jack Murtha, and the rest of the antiwar Lefty nutters out there that are calling for retreat and defeat. Below is his bio from the Vets for Freedom site:

Wade is a former Marine Lieutenant who served two deployments to Iraq, first with Second Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (Camp Lejeune, N.C.) and most recently with the Camp Pendleton, California-based infantry unit Second Battalion, First Marines in 2004. He holds a Purple Heart. Wade is from Shenandoah County, Virginia and serves full-time with Vets for Freedom. Wade (and David Bellavia) are heading back to Iraq in May as civilians, to report on the training and efficacy of Iraqi Security and Police Forces, and to gauge the morale and combat effectiveness of US forces.

In short, this guy knows what he's talking about. He's been there, he's done that, and he's got the T-shirt.

(Just a note here so people can follow along. The interview portions will be posted in this color. My commentary will be in the usual dark blue. And this interview looks to be about an hour long. I'll be commenting during the breaks.)

Interview opens. Hugh gives a quick bio (not too quick) to acquaint listeners to Mr. Zirkle. This includes what I posted above, and the mention of his service record. Hugh starts off the questioning who he is. Mr. Zirkle was honorably discharged in June of 2005. He came out of OCS when he was 22, and commissioned as a 2nd louie. He worked with the light armor recon unit, and participated in the first battle of Fallujah. He wasn't there for the second battle because of a car bomb over Labor Day. His platoon was disbanded soon after that because of the casualties in that bombing. He was injured in that bombing, shrapnel and burns, and was evac'd quickly from the scene. His recovery is complete and 100%, including his hands which were burned the worst. He never forgets those that died.

He is clear-eyed about the costs in this war, and he brings up his organization. He emphasizes the familial ties to the troops on the ground, and the troops here in the US. He says they don't want to be pitied. They want to be supported. And he emphasizes that our enemy is simply trying to outlast us, and if they do, we win. The troops, he says, need the support. Hugh brings up the sacrifice, the noble cause, and Mr. Zirkle agrees. He strongly defends the troops that need to know America is behind them, and not like those who want to abandon this mission.

Hugh emphasizes that those who claim to support the troops needs to donate. This organization gives our troops a voice that they don't have. And right now, they don't. He emphasizes that this organization supports the military and the mission; there is no hesitation in that statement. Hugh brings up the point that the troops really don't have a voice other than the "just the facts, ma'am" sort of reporting. The troops aren't allowed to really speak out. Vets for Freedom is the organization that they can use, and utilize their voices against the detractors.

Mr. Zirkle brought up the memory of a friend of his, also a Marine, and from a small town. He went to his funeral, and understood how much his buddy believed in the mission. After the funeral, he heard the Murtha debate on the radio, and decided that it was time to do something, and Vets for Freedom was the answer.

Let me start by saying I'm impressed with Mr. Zirkle. He truly believes in the troops and the mission; a sentiment seemingly lost on the Left and the antiwar nutters in America. As someone who is connected to a soldier (Marcie's brother is an Army Ranger in Afghanistan), I feel the same way. Without hesitation, the troops must be supported, and it doesn't just come in words. It comes in deeds, and it also comes in supporting the mission they're on. WE, as AMERICANS owe it to them as they fight to protect this nation from animals wishing to do it harm. For those that disagree, refer to Moussaoui's trial, and look at the hate he still holds for this nation. Vets for Freedom is an important organization, if for nothing else than to allow the troops to answer back at people like Murtha, Pelosi, Kerry, Kennedy, Schumer, Sheehan, etc. For far too long, the windbags have sucked the oxygen out of the room with their blatant, gross misrepresentations of this war, and our troops. And that goes from the moment we put the first boots on the ground right up 'til now.

Back from break, and we're right back at it. Mr. Zirkle wasn't happy about the calls made by John Murtha. He gathered friends and colleagues to form the organization. After they set it up, they made their moves to combat the garbage being spewed. He says the response to Vets for Freedom is overwhelming because people understand what they have done. They have given the soldiers and their families a sound, reasoned voice. Hugh brings up the WaPo piece, and the fact that they gave him a voice. Hugh breaks off into the confrontation between a Marine and John Murtha. This was covered by Marcie when it first went down. This former soldier stood up to him, and slammed the door on him hard. His op-ed was fueled by that exchange, and it was forwarded from base to base. The soldiers supported Mr. Seevey (the guy confronting John Murtha) and his confrontation because, again, someone was speaking on their behalf. Mr. Zirkle points out that the politicians involving themselves in this debate claim they know what's going on. He says they don't. They don't because they're not there, they're not involved. Hugh brought up the Zogby poll, and Mr. Zirkle agrees that it's garbage.

He brings up that the only way to show what the morale is like is to look at the reenlistment rates. Guys that are in theater are more likely to reenlist and go back for more than the guys that are stationed stateside. Hugh wants to know why they're going back. Mr. Zirkle states that it's because they've stared evil in the face, and they can't allow it to win. The second reason is the troops have seen and participated in the progress going on there. They see it. The media dislikes reporting it, but they have seen how the country has changed.

The progress achieved in Iraq is genuine. The MSM won't touch on it. Likely because if they do, it gives the nation hope that we are winning. They'd prefer to peddle the story that we're losing. The confrontation, and I remember this, was classic, and I believe it finally sent the signal to the nutter types that this isn't going to be tolerated anymore.

When he approached the WaPo, the accepted the column, but they had it for awhile. According to him, this is standard practice. He said that the editor of the op-ed page was impressed with the piece. This isn't the first op-ed he's done. He has done some work on TownHall, and a couple small outlets, but not the caliber of the Post. The message that Mr. Zirkle wants out is that 1) They want a grass roots group, 2) Public relations; getting the vets out and talking about this. He also assures that those who sign up--400,000 strong right now--won't have their information sold.

Hugh starts taking calls. First up is Col. Don, who thanks him for his service both on and off the field. He also states that Americans should be supporting the troops and the president. Hugh asks him about the reaction, which Mr. Zirkle says is exactly like what Col. Don said. He says that we know we can win, and we will win, but that they need America behind them. He points out that our enemy isn't one we can coddle. They need to be destroyed.

The more I hear, the more I like. This is especially important right now. Major Mike left me a comment on the last post linked by Hugh, and pointed out we could be looking at a Democrat majority in the Congress and the presidency soon, and it concerns him. It concerns us here, too. I don't want a replay of Vietnam with a spinelesss, cut-and-run Democrat at the helm. We do that, we abandon that nation to it's enemies, and ours. We do that, and our credibility is shot in the world worse than an attack on Iran ever could. We must stay the course. If I have to knock heads against the wall to make this point I will.

We don't cut. We don't run. We never give up. Surrender is not in our creed. We will succeed. In the words of Pres. Bush: "We will not falter, we will not fail." That's the message that needs to be delivered to the nation, and to the troops. We are behind you 100%; no exceptions. And it really p****s us off when we hear the Murtha's and the Kerry's, the Pelosi's and the Reid's simply downplaying the troops, and their accomplishments. Those people should be happy we have soldiers willing to fight for surrender monkeys like themselves.

Hugh opens back up with emphasis on donating to Vets for Freedom. Hugh asks about the images and the deaths. It's disturbing to citizens. But Mr. Zirkle returns with the fact that these sacrifices are for the greater good. He points out the MSM can't really be trusted because all the media ever does is show the bad side. The car bombings. The soldiers killed. The "doom and gloom," which he says if that's he ever saw, he'd be against the war, too. But he's been there, and he's saying that their lying.

Cmdr. Kevin is up next on the phones, who calls Mr. Zirkle a hero; a true on in the sense of the word. He praises Mr. Zirkle about the work in Iraq, and here on the homefront. Cmdr. Kevin, who teaches Navy midshipmen, states that they can't wait to get overseas, and help out their fellow brothers in arms. Cmdr. Kevin also challenges the Murtha's and Moran's to shut up and go over to see what's going on. Mr. Zirkle points out that they don't represent the Pentagon; they represent the guys pulling the triggers in the field. He states that this is this generation's "noble mission." He reinforces that this war will go one for awhile.

MAJOR MIKE up next! He congratulates Mr. Zirkle on his service. He emphasizes that Mr. Zirkle needs to be listened to. He is professional, and he's got a message that needs to be heard. Mr. Zirkle points to his leadership team, which is representing every branch, from NCO to officer. These isn't a cherry-picking group of people who know nothing. These guys have been in the s**t, just like Michael Yon. He brings up the story of a medic that was wounded badly--lost his leg from an IED--who in the middle of an ambush, was still able to tend to his own wounds. These men over there aren't robots; they're professionals doing their job and duty to this nation.

I was happy to hear Major Mike, and what he had to say. And hearing the men on the phone that have served heaping praise on Mr. Zirkle, while he remained humble, needed to be said. He has served proudly with honor in the field, and he's carrying on the fight for our vets here.

Final segment. Don in Tucson, and he thanks Mr. Zirkle for his work. He states that the American people need to hear him. Bill in Colorado Springs, and what does Mr. Zirkle thinks about those who support the troops but not the war. He disagrees that it's not supporting the troops when you don't support the mission. They are one in the same.

I can't emphasize enough the importance of Wade Zirkle's cause. It's important that the troops are heard in this debate. They are the ones on the ground. They are the ones who have taken the risks. They, indeed, are the ones giving their dearest blood for freedom. And to have the MSM and politicians questioning the troops, belittling the troops, attacking the president, and misreporting the war is unacceptable. Go, please to Vets for Freedom. Donate, sign up, and do whatever you can to help the troops.

They are, after all, why we are still here. The guys at Mudville are right: "Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." So, it's time to pony up, and help them.

Publius II


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