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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Live-Blogging Steyn and Hewitt

We really like Mark Steyn. He is one of the best minds within the blogosphere, and he is an outstanding columnist. Every Thursday, Hugh interviews Mark, and this Thursday, I decided to live-blog it. We join Mark in Quebec.

The interview opened with a quick intro from Hugh, and they both dove in on the topic du jour of the past forty-eight hours: Iran. It starts with his piece from the City Journal where he put Iran's desire for nuclear power into the 27 year history taking us up to this point. He disavows the analysts who claim that Iran is years away from having the bomb. He says it's not about the weapons, but rather the regime that wants them. Hugh brings up the timeline for our own nuclear program in World War II, and points out that Iran is equal to the US at that time. So, why would it take years? Mark agrees, and points out the AQ Khan network--the same one who has a hand in the nuclear program of rogue regimes--and states that because of that, you can't turn your back on Iran. Mark's vehement that this country can't be allowed to gain nukes. As he points out, he'd sleep better at night knowing New Zealand has nukes as opposed to Iran. Hugh brings up the arguments against military action on Iran, and Mark blows them all out of the water. He disagrees that we'd be unable to do anything. The idea that our air and naval power would be defeated is foolish. Points two and three are serious, but Mark does point out (as I did) that Iran's already involved in Iraq. As for their terrorism, he stated that if it weren't for Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas wouldn't have the notoriety they have now. The US reputation isn't going anywhere, but he does bring up China and Russia on the UNSC, which are virtually in Iran's back pocket; the idea of diplomacy, in Mark's eyes, is fading fast.

We move onto Romano Mussolini, and Mark's love of the man. He penned an obituary for the man in the Atlantic Monthly yesterday. He loved jazz, and became a jazz piano player after World War II. (This was Benito Mussolini's son.) He sat down and had a talk with Mussolini, and was unable to talk about his father, but talked about jazz greats of the past. Mark states that his music, while happy, often appears melancholy; possible a yearning for the "good ol' days" with dad. Mussolini admits that he played a couple of pieces for his dad just days before he died.

Now we move onto Berlusconi's loss in the Spanish elections. Mark goes into the constant problems in Europe, from the capitulations of Chirac, and the screwy election in Italy, Europe is falling apart. Mark cites Romano's daughter(Benito's granddaughter) that she agrees. Europe must pick itself up, but even Mark points out that Europe, right now, is dying on the vine. Due to its complacency and its surrender on every social front, Europe will slowly go the way of the do-do. It needs to be righted, and Mark points out that Europe's biggest problem is getting their electorate out to act like adults. Mark states that France isn't ready for the medicine that Sarcozi may provide.

Hugh moves onto the preisdent's poll numbers. Hugh isn't worried. Neither are we. Mark isn't, but he heads towards the party, where the Republican Party is dropping the ball on. He states that the Republicans should have been showing that they had the backbone to be the big boyus, and they haven't.

There isn't a thing I can argue Mark on. He's nailed all the points. (I can't comment on jazz music; I'm not even in the realm that he's in.) But it's always fun, interesting, and insightful to hear from one of the few sane Canadians in the world.

Publius II

The transcript of the interview is up over at Generalissimo Duane's site.


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