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Friday, September 01, 2006

Missile Defense Test A Success: DoD "Confident" System Can Hit North Korean Missiles

From Breitbart

The United States successfully carried out a flight test of ground- based missile defense system Friday, shooting down a warhead over the Pacific Ocean and saying it now has a "good chance" to intercept long- range North Korean missiles.

The success, which came after two failed tests in December 2004 and February 2005, is expected to boost the recently stepped-up U.S. efforts to build up its missile shield since North Korea's missile launches on July 5.

"I think we have a good chance" to shoot down long-range North Korean missiles, Missile Defense Agency Director Lt. Gen. Henry Obering said in announcing the successful test involving "an improved ground-based interceptor designed to protect the United States a limited long-range ballistic missile attack."

"And it's one that I feel safer and sleep better at night," Obering told a press conference.

U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld also said in a statement that such successful tests "increase confidence in the approach to developing an initial defense capability."

But he also stressed the need to boost development, saying, "While today's test was a success, the program is by no means complete."

"Tests will continue, some of which will be successful and some will not. This was a challenging test, and the tests will become even more challenging in the period ahead," Rumsfeld said.

While the ground-based system against long-range missiles is still in a test stage, the United States had reportedly activated it earlier this year amid increasing indication of North Korea preparing to test- launch a ballistic missile.

Yes, we have a good chance of hitting any missiles sent our way from North Korea, or anywhere else, for that matter. And while everyone is happy at the success, I concur with Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld: This is far from over. The test must continue, and yes they must be able to withstand an onslaught of enemy missiles.

The Democrats have been against this program since the beginning. They felt the idea was "outdated." The Soviet Union was gone, and the Cold War was won. So why have a missile defense system? They forgot that China, while a trade partner to the United States, is a Communist nation that is none too thrilled that America won the Cold War. They are sitting on a veritable arsenal of nuclear weapons.

North Korea was pointed to today after the test because they do have nuclear weapons, and they are conducting missile tests. Once they have an operational one that can threaten the United States, they will, no doubt, arm a missile with a warhead, and rattle that puppy like it were a saber.

And we cannot forget Iran, who is working on their nuclear program. And while they do not have a working warhead as yet, they are conducting their missile tests now; a much easier and prosperous step for them right now as the warhead can be added later.

Why are we working on this program? To the Democrats I say look around, and ask that question again. Plenty of our enemies have weapons of mass destruction, and either they have the capability of hitting the United States, or are close to developing such technology. So, they ask why, and I answer back why not? It is the only reasonable course of action, given our technological level, to meeting those constructing nuclear weapons, or are in possession of them, from striking this nation with a missile. And need I remind those opposed to thios program that missiles are still the most reliable method of delivery for such a weapon?



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