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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Classified Documents Found In Drug Raid

I do hope CBS has their s**t screwed on straight with this story. This is hardly a laughing matter, or even one to be taken lightly:

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A drug raid on a the home of a scientist at the Los Alamos nuclear weapons laboratory in New Mexico turned up what appeared to be classified documents taken from the facility, the FBI said.

Police discovered the documents at the scientist's home while making an arrest in a methamphetamine investigation, according to an FBI official in Washington who spoke on condition of anonymity Tuesday because of the sensitive nature of the case.

The police alerted the FBI to the documents, prompting a federal search of the unidentified female scientist's home. The official would not describe the documents except to say that they appeared to contain classified material. Asked about the raid, FBI special agent Bill Elwell in Albuquerque, New Mexico, confirmed that a search warrant was executed Friday night, but he refused to discuss details.

“We do have an investigation with regard to the matter, but our standard is we do not discuss pending investigations,” Elwell said.

A spokesman for the Los Alamos National Laboratory would not comment.

Folks, this sort of thing needs to stop. We have got to learn to keep our secrets locked up just as bit tighter; especially nuclear secrets. There are too many nations still seeking nuclear weapons--two of which would be willing to pay handsomely for any pertinent, helpful technical information. And the report goes on to recount the incidents that have occurred at the Los Alamos lab in terms of security breaches with classified material. There have been a couple that not been as they were announced, but the laxity in security at the lab is documented.

And it needs to stop. We have the fourth rail in this nation willing to divulge secrets to the populace that shouldn't be out in the open. In fact, the New York Times' Bryon Calame recently admitted that the paper should not have run the SWIFT financial tracking program story. Nice of the good chap to admit that now four months AFTER the story ran! Yeah, you gotta love the Times, and their spot-on, instantaneous analysis of being boneheads.

The employee that was nabbed faces a couple of charges related to the methamphetamines foundat her home. But that doesn't compare to having classified materials in her possession OUTSIDE the facilities. She deserves the fullest extent of prosecution in this regard, and a nice stretch in a federal prison for her idiotic decision. Further, I do hope the FBI finds out whether or not this woman might have passed any of these documents along to others. I've done my research on "meth-heads," and one thing is a constant for them: They will do or say anything to get the means to obtain more of their preferred drug. THAT should be the first thing investigated.

We are at war, and our enemies have no problem exploiting a weakness like this. And the security at Los Alamos needs to be tightened to the point where little isn't noticed.

Publius II


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The story is skimpy on facts and what there are tantalizing. A female that works at a Top Secret facility is found to have drugs in her home based on a search warrant and during the search secret material from the facility is found. I can see a motion to suppress because the warrant only refers to drugs or did it? What are the documents? Who is this female? How did the warrant come into play? I'm bothered and bewildered. Rawriter

11:09 PM  

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