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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Should The ACLU Be Stripped Of Their Tax Exempt Status?

Ian @ Hot-Air asks the question, and Jay @ Stop The ACLU presents a solid case for the revocation of their status.

Jay brings up the ever important question, especially this close to the election:

Imagine if a Church used the power of its tax exemption as a lever towards political campaigns. Can you imagine the outrage from groups like the ACLU if a Church used its tax exempt donations to create political ads opposing candidates that did not adhere to certain “American values” as interpreted by that Church? What if a Christian Religious organization were to use its official title to oppose certain political issues such as abortion?

If we are talking about what would happen in the here and now, there would be calls for heads on a platter. We need to remember that the ACLU was established by an admitted Communist who could have seriously cared less about defending civil liberties, and was more concerned with pushing an agenda that slowly eroded our Constitutional government. Examine, if you will, the examples of what are now considered "constitutional" with nary a mention in the document.

Abortion. Anchor babies. The loss of personal property rights. The slow erosion of our rights as citizens to possess firearms. The list goes on and on. The ACLU has made it's mission in life the removal of all Judeo-Christian displays or references in public life. Christmas? Better not say that dreaded word on a school's grounds. You might be sued. A prime example of their war on religion can be referenced in the fight from Judge Roy Moore, who was defending a Ten Commandments monument, and the Mt. Soledad Cross in California. They have attacked school commencement prayers as some overt form of coercion despite the fact that all of them are non-denominational. Heck, even high school football teams have faced lawsuits over pre-game "take a knee" prayers.

These people are openly hostile to much in our society. And what they claim they stand for is anything but the freedoms and liberties that Americans posess, and jealously guard. But if the ACLU had their way, we would have no way to guard them. Guns would have been confiscated long ago for some perceived greater good. They will sue to prevent religion from entering a school, from moments of silence to "intelligent design," but Lord keep your hands off of their supported pseudo-sciences. (Anyone find "the missing link" yet? No? Then I guess it, too, is a theory rather than the "fact" that their clients profess it to be.)

The point of this is that the ACLU is no friend of the average citizen. They would desperately like us to believe that (and they love hyping up their "unbiased" representation by pointing out that they defended Rush Limbaugh. And their point is? Are they not supposed to be doing that? What do they want, a cookie?)

Should these yo-yo's have their tax exempt status revoked? Does a bear sh*t in the woods and wipe his @$$ with the rabbit? (Sorry, one of Thomas's numerous sayings; sue me.) Seriously, any organization, who enjoys a tax-exempt status, partial funding on the backs of American taxpayers, and is openly hostile to what created and sustained this nation in terms of freedoms should ABSOLUTELY have that status removed. I am not saying they need to be shills for the Republicans or conservatives, but pulling their head out of their collective butts would be nice, and recognizing when they have stepped too far to one side.

With their continued support of pet issues that undermine our freedoms--our true freedoms--then why continue to give them breaks? In addition, they cannot say they are not political. They are, indeed, quite political going as far as to push certain candidates. Along with People For The American Way, and Americans United For The Separation Of Church And State, these people attacked both Justices Roberts and Alito, and their only gripe was that they were too conservative. Their judicial philosophy leaned too far in opposition to their ideological beliefs. And while I might sound naive in saying this, but the role of judges is not to create the law, but interpret it. What the ACLU wants are judges that appreciate their point-of-view, and can see things from their perspective.

Funny thing about perspectives; they are entirely subject to interpretation. The Constitution is a document with little gray weaved withint its awesome words. Yet these people would have us questioning every little detail within the document without ever having really read it and understood it. And because they think that way, they are a danger to our society. They undermine its very fabric with every nutty lawsuit challenging things that never would have been challenged 230 years ago.

But, then again, the Founding Fathers were far smarter than we were. And their wisdom emerged the moment they penned the Constitution.



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