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Friday, November 03, 2006

To The GOP--Don't Pop The Bubbly Yet, But Keep That Puppy On Ice

From Allah:

So how many clips am I going to have to post? Rasmussen has it 49-48 for the Dems with Missouri, Virginia, and Tennessee the toss-ups. RCP puts McCaskill’s lead at less than 2% and Webb’s lead at less than 1%, but the last three polls have Corker pulling away from Ford. If that holds we need either Talent or Allen to come through — unless Michael Steele continues to surge and shocks the world in Maryland. If he does, then we can probably do no worse than 50-50. And that 50 won’t include Linc Chafee, who’s on his way out in Rhode Island.

And this whole post started with the fact that Lieberman is literally beating Ned Lamont like a bongo drum with a 12 point lead. We didn't post about the election yesterday, but it's getting closer and closer as the minutes tick by. And as the time does run through the hourglass, the GOP is surging. The Democrats knew that if the surges came this week, and they hold through the weekend, they could be in some deep trouble when it comes to their plans for the Senate. The House, on the other hand, prognosticators are handing to the Democrats. According to them, it's almost a shoo-in for the Democrats to pick up 22 seats. We still believe that's a nearly insurmountable task, but hey, miracles can happen, right?

I doubt that a miracle is on the horizon for the Democrats. Their last minute "surprises" aren't really helping them. There's a story out of Colorado implicating an evangelical in a gay sex scandal. There is the NY Times story from this morning, that was capably handled by my better half. These stories are intended to hit the GOP hard in the final days before the election. The problem is that neither one really does any damage to a candidate. Sure, the story out of Colorado may influence the vote on a ballot initiative, but it's not going to harm a candidate really. And the Times story was obviously designed to slam not the administration, but rather the members of Congress that pushed Negroponte to release those documents.

In short, the Times story didn't exactly do what it was supposed to do, and will also probably not affect any GOP candidate adversely.

So, what is the next step for the Democrats? What new allegation will break across front pages on Monday, just a mere 24 hours before voting begins? Desperate times calls for desperate measures, and if anyone doubts how desperate the Democrats are, all we have to do is look at the Steel/Cardin race for an example:

Leading black Maryland Democrats, including a former NAACP head's son, endorse Republican Michael Steele for the U.S. Senate. That giant sucking sound you hear is the wind leaving the Democrats' sails.

If the GOP holds on to the Senate on Tuesday, it may be due to a November surprise that smashes the carefully crafted liberal media stereotype of the GOP as the party of David Duke — the victory of Michael Steele due to a black electorate finally refusing to be taken for granted.

There would be a delicious irony in this. The Democratic plan for taking control of the Senate depends in large part on knocking off incumbent George Allen in neighboring Virginia by exploiting his alleged use of the "n" word in college and the racial term "macaca" as examples of GOP insensitivity to minorities.

On Monday, former Prince George's County Executive Wayne Curry and five fellow black Democrats on the county council endorsed Steele while blasting their party over its lukewarm support for the Senate campaign of former NAACP chief Kweisi Mfume, who lost the primary to 10-term Rep. Ben Cardin.

Curry, who in 1994 became Prince George's County's first black executive, said Steele is a "good man with a good plan," adding, "We're not puppets. We're not gullible."

So when will the slander come out of the Democrats for these fine black people who stood up and threw off the yoke of lies they've been handed for decades. A new day in Maryland seems to be dawning, and the people who have had it with lip service and no action are about to deliver a mortal blow to the Democrats. Let's face facts here with approximately 89 hours until the voting starts. If the Democrats that are in tight races right now don't pull away over the weekend, each of these "runaway" victories the Dems were touting a month ago will become statistical dead heats, with the possibility of either outcome. If the GOP surges harder over the weekend, the election is over for the Senate. The Dems might gain two seats (one is assured in Rhode Island; the GOP base did it's job in getting rid of Loony Lincoln Chafee); the other one being Santorum if he doesn't gain on Casey this weekend. He's closed the gap, but it may not be enough.

My advice for the GOP stands. Keep the champagne on ice, and don't pop it just yet. We still have three-and-a-half days to go, and unlike the Democrats, we're not going to jump the gun.

Publius II


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Knowing the importance of this election and the consequences makes it nail bitting time although I don't bite my nails. I have noticed a subtle change of attitude among many liberal political pundits that the republicans may just keep control of both houses. I happen to think we will. Rawriter

8:44 AM  

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