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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Shameless Ads Will Not Help McCaskill

It is crunch time for both sides right now, and Allah has a tasteless McCaskill ad being aimed at Jim Talent. She's preying on people's emotions regarding stem cell research again. And her ignorance completely ignores the fact that the vote regarding embryonic stem cell research didn't ban people from researching the issue.

The vote held in Congress earlier this year dealt with whether or not taxpayer monies would be spent on the research. Congress voted that such funds shouldn't be available for this research, and a good majority of taxpayers believe the same thing. The vote didn't ban the research. The vote didn;t say we could NEVER EVER do this research again. It simply said that if research is to be done it will be done with privately-donated funds or corporate grants.

Jim Talent is in favor of stem cell research. So is Michael Steele. The accusations in these ads aren't sticking, and they won't stick. Claire McCaskill, if she wants to win, has to deal with the issues sitting on voter' minds right now, and that's not stem cell research. She can't answer Jim talent on questions regarding the war, either theater concerning the war, or national security to prevent future attacks. These are the issues on a voter's mind. And it's there because of one reason, and one reason only:

If we fail to win this war, not one d*mn thing matters beyond that. Tax cuts won't matter. Judges going to the federal bench won't matter. No one will really care if Congress stays fiscally responsible. And stem cell research will rank about as high as a hill of beans if we lose the war. I was hoping that some other Democrat--other than Joe Lieberman, who is now an Independent--would finally understand this issue. I lost hope a while back with the Democrats, and these constant ads that don't address the major issues aren't going to help them.

They're about to learn this lesson again. Well, maybe not learn it, but they'll be shown it. It's up to them to finally wake up and smell the coffee. We can show them. That's the job of the voters. but it's ultimately up to them to finally understand it. Don't hold your breath, ladies and gentlemen. To be honest, expect their shrill, inept rhetoric to get raised a few nothces if they lose on Tuesday. Also, keep an eye on this poll. McCaskill was behind by a couple of points at the beginning fo the day, and I doubt this ad is going to help her overtake Jim Talent.

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