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Thursday, November 02, 2006

This Is Beyond The Pale, And Completely Unacceptable

Hugh Hewitt picks this up and draws me out of might originally intended nighttime retirement from the site. My hands still gurt, so I am simply posting the link to this disgusting display, seemingly condoned by University of Pennsylvania president, Amy Gutman:

Suicide bomber at a Halloween party photo montage.

I am working on choosing a law school to go to after this year. I do not know if the University of Pennsylvania has one, but I can assure our readers that I would not go there now even if they offered me a full ride. (Not that I need their help anyway; I have managed my finances quite well, and I have Thomas by my side.) This is reprehensible, and to pose with this student for a picture, Ms. Gutman sends a message that she does, indeed, condone such classless behavior at a university. Go as one of these worthless rap stars, or an overpaid athlete whining about their paltry million dollar paycheck. I seriously think that this sort of a costume should have been excluded from the festivities, especially after you read what some of the captions connected with the pictures said.

People are entitled to their freedom of speech, but that does not mean that a university has to accept it, or condone it. If this is to be accepted now, what will be accepted int he future? And yes, I have a vivid imagination, and see virtually no end to what universitites will let slide in the name of such misguided freedom.

With freedom comes a responsibility to act accordingly. This student, and Ms. Gutman show that they can barely handle the responsibility of being "adult."



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