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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Passing Thoughts Up

(SCROLL DOWN for updates. This post will remain at the top of the page through tomorrow. Our continuing coverage of John Kerry and the events of 1 November are below this post.)

Too bad John Kerry couldn't have blown his foot off last Friday. Then it might have made it into our monthly column at Common Conservative. And once again this month we slap around another six subjects that should have caught the public's attention. (And as far as we know, they did for the most part, despite the Foley scandal stinking up the MSM for about two weeks.)

But we are the least amongst the heavies on the site. .....

--By all means, please peruse the latest work of our esteemed editor, Thomas Lindaman, as he explains why Rush is right about Michael J. Fox's phony ad.

--Tom Adkins asks the question on the minds of many voters, which is what do the parties really stand for. I must admit that the question is, indeed, quite relvant in this election cycle. But in answer to Mr. Adkins, it matters not the direction, but whether the public is paying attention enough, and is prepared to execute change?

--Vincent Fiore eviscerates Harry Reid regarding his ethics problems, and it comes shortly after the media helped him sweep his latest batch of dirty lauindry under the rug.

--Sher Zieve examines CNN's apparent bias, and lack of conscience in showing a terrorist propaganda film on their network. And they did identify it as such, but showed it nonetheless. Sher also points to another CNN video of an interview with Ayman al-Zawahiri, firmly planting th media outlet in the camp of the enemy.

This is, by all means, not the end of the talent at Common Conservative. Read them all, and don't forget our month-end wrap up.

Thomas & Marcie


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