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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dems Skip Pentagon Briefings, Claim They Do Not Have Time To Hear General Petreus

Some of the big names in the blogosphere have been commenting on deplorable behavior of Democrats reported by Michael Barone with regard to briefings they are intentionally skipping from the Pentagon, and General David Petreus:

End the war. Fund the troops. You can sum up the argument between George W. Bush and the Democratic majorities in Congress in just six words. Both the House and the Senate have now passed supplemental appropriations that in different ways call for a beginning of an end to our military involvement in Iraq. ...

We witness here a division in the Democratic Party -- its politicians and its voters -- that we have seen ever since military action started to be considered in 2002. Then, most House Democrats voted against the Iraq war resolution, most Senate Democrats for it. The lineup today is not necessarily the same: Levin, who voted against the war resolution, insists the troops must be funded; Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who voted for the war resolution and said last November that of course the troops will be funded, now says he's for Sen. Russ Feingold's March 2008 deadline.

What's curious is that congressional Democrats don't seem much interested in what's actually happening in Iraq. The commander in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus, returns to Washington this week, but last week Pelosi's office said "scheduling conflicts" prevented him from briefing House members. Two days later, the members-only meeting was scheduled, but the episode brings to mind the fact that Pelosi and other top House Democrats skipped a Pentagon videoconference with Petraeus on March 8.

How on earth can these people proceed with oversight on the war if they are purposefully skipping out on the information provided by the Pentagon on the successes of the surge, thus far? The answer is simple -- they cannot, and obviously do not care about it. They are showing that they are living in a cocoon where only their beliefs are to be heard and accepted. Now that they have power in Congress, they are doing their absolute best to lose this war as quickly as they possibly can.

No, I do not make this accusation lightly. Just a couple of short weeks after our entry into Iraq, Congressional Democrats scattered out and about on talking heads shows to proclaim that we were in a "quagmire," and the fighting in the Iraq theater was lost. For the last three-plus years, tyhat has been the message pushed by them, and their willing enablers in the media. The war is lost. Pull the troops out. Bring them home. Abandon Iraq to the animals. THAT is precisely what they wanted from the start, and that is precisely what they are working towards.

It is despicable. It is reprehensible. And some, like AJ Strata, call it criminal. I am reluctant to agree. Not because I am a Democrat, but because I cannot believe that a political party is willing to play politics with our national security, and with our troops in harm's way. Had the Republicans tried this in World War II, they would have been tarred and feathered by the vast majority of the nation. But things change with the times, and it is quite obvious that the Vietnam generation did not pay attention to history. The only thing they remember is that when they threw a large enough tantrum then, they were able to force a retreat from the battlefield; the aftermath was the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children in South Vietnam by their Communist conquerors.

A retreat from Iraq will, likewise, result in a massacre of unthinkable proportions. Despite the Democrat's "promises" to the contrary, a rertreat will not make us safer. It will leave us vulnerable to an emboldened enemy that is not ceding an inch to us. They are still fighting us, and they still wish nothing more than the destruction and subjugation of this nation.

It is time that the more sensible voices in the party -- those like Senator Joe Lieberman, and the House's "Blue Dogs" -- say that enough is enough, and end these baby-like antics by their party leaders. The troops need their funding to succeed. Maybe an end run is needed by those with common sense in their own party to finally shut out the extremist leaders like Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid, along with their like-minded cohorts, and stand up for what is right and proper at this time. No pork bribes, but rather the money the troops need to succeed. Failure in this war is not an option, and the time to act is now. Each day that goes by that these people continue their shenanigans the troops suffer.

The actions of the hard Left Democrats do not help the troops. They help our enemy, and that ladies and gentlemen is the real crime in all of this.



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