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Saturday, April 16, 2005

No Quarter

I’m steamed. I’m hot. This issue is either going to drive me nuts, or cause me to have a aneurysm. For those not following this, I’m referring to the Constitutional Option. (And no, I won’t give this up; it’s too important to ignore. Besides, the more the swarm grows, the more focus and pressure is applied.) The Constitutional Option is that important. This is the single most important issue to be addressed by this Congress on the domestic front; surpassing even the president’s plan for reforming Social Security.

This Senate rule has been the bane of Pres. Bush’s judicial nominees. The president has the right to make appointments, it’s that simple. Article II of the US Constitution enumerates the powers of the president, and appointing people is one of his many powers. The Senate’s sole job in this realm is "advise and consent". "Advise" comes in committee where the nominees is questioned (read: grilled) and debated. If which I’m ticked at both sides of the aisle over this. The GOP is in the majority, and they haven’t forced this issue yet. Three out of the last four weeks, the Senate Judiciary Committee has addressed issues other than the president’s nominees. And according to Sen. John Kyl, the Democrats are equally complicit in this as they have refused to show up for the committee meetings.

"Consent" takes the form of a quorum of the Senate voting on the nominees. And therein lies one of the problems. Once the nominee hits the floor of the Senate for his or her vote, the Democrats filibuster them like they would a piece of legislation. These potential jurists are not "bills" open for debate on the floor of the Senate. Give them their vote. They deserve it, and this rule is preventing it from happening. If the GOP brings the option up to the floor of the Senate for a vote, they could break the rule. But "could" represents another problem.

Let me explain this. The vote on the Constitutional Option is a party vote. The GOP has the majority and the obligation to support the president, especially when it comes to his nominees. And should they force the issue, I’d like to see every member of the GOP vote in favor of breaking this rule. But in reality I know that won’t happen. Sen. John McCain is already on record as standing with the Democrats on this. Fine. Dandy. Good for him. I still have plenty of room on my wall for his head. (Presidency, senator? I think not. Reelected as a senator in 2010? Not on my watch, bub. You just screwed the pooch.)

Sure, a couple of them will probably defect. Good, I hope they do. Keep track of them folks, and hold them accountable at the ballot box. Lincoln Chafee and Olympia Snowe are two senators—GOP RINOs—that are up for reelection in 2006. If they cast their lot with McCain and the Democrats, they’re done too. I don’t think people realize how ticked off the GOP truly is, at this point. Let these traitors to the party stand up and be recognized, if they have the guts to commit political suicide. But regardless of the speculative outcome, this issue needs to be forced, and it needs to be done so quickly. John Kyl has given a semi-acceptable deadline—the end of May. OK. That’s it. That’s how long my patience will last. It is time for the GOP to prove they are worthy and capable of the mantle of leadership that the people have granted them.

For the last five years the GOP has demonstrated it’s sniveling, cowardly side. It’s time for them to reflect a bit on history. Going back to the question presented by Hugh Hewitt a couple months ago, it’s time that the GOP embraces the tenacity of Grant, and forces this issue right down the Democrat’s collective throat. Up or down, pass or fail, I don’t care. I hope the fence-sitters come to their senses and this passes. But either way it goes, it needs to go into the record. And I want a list of the defectors. I’ll be sending money and support to their opponents the next time they come up for reelection. Should McCain really think he’s presidential material, I’ll personally lead the fight to destroy him here in Arizona. Let those, like McCain, that oppose this stand and be recognized. I’ll consider them Constitutionally illiterate and incompetent. And they’d be wise to remember that we’re already ticked off enough at them. Should they vote against the option, the base will ensure their demise.

And here is the battle-cry of our side on this issue. Hugh Hewitt started it, and WE are on board. It’s real simple. If this vote is not called for, if the Constitutional Option isn’t exercised, not one more dime goes to the GOP. No donations, and certainly there will be no kind words for them. Neither of us will turn our back on our conservative ideologies, but we will turn our back on the party, and plenty of people will follow us, and Hugh. We cannot, in good conscience, support a party that will preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. That document is the ultimate arbiter of the law, and it is what guarantees our rights. If they can’t support the initiative and defend the Constitution, then why do they deserve our respect and support.

Publius II


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