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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The House Leaders DID Address The Foley Issue

Michelle Malkin picked up this bit of news from FOX News this morning. It seems that the Democrats have done a bit of exaggerating on the Foley issue, as if that surprises anyone:

House GOP leaders on Tuesday asked for an investigation into an allegation that former Rep. Mark Foley showed up drunk outside the House page dorm near the nation's capitol, FOX News confirmed.

The allegation first arose during a members-only Republican conference call Monday. Rep. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., said he had heard a rumor about Foley's alleged drunken visit to the page dorm, which is located behind the Cannon
House Office Building, one block south of the Capitol.

FOX News has also learned that House Majority Leader John Boehner advised Wicker not to discuss the rumor in detail on the call but to refer the matter more privately to House leadership.

According to a GOP source, Boehner sought to avoid the Wicker story from being leaked to the media. Boehner's called that characterization "completely false" and said Boehner only sought to have Wicker work the rumors through formal leadership channels, not on a party-wide conference call.

Yesterday, Boehner sent a letter to the Clerk of the House, Karen Hass, seeking an investigation. He did not release the letter publicly until late Wednesday.

The letter read in part: "it has been brought to my attention that an alleged incident may have occurred in years past involving former Representative Foley. Specifically, it has been alleged that he may have been seen intoxicated at night outside the U.S. House of Representatives Page Dormitory, possibly attempting to gain entry to the building."

Boehner's letter went on to say "As you are the current Clerk of the House and Officer in charge of the Page Program, I am requesting any and all information your office has regarding this alleged incident and the involvement of the Office of the Clerk at that time and henceforth."

It is unknown when the episode occurred.

Okay, so now there is some predatory behavior here. Hanging out by the Congressional Page dorm, drunk, and clearly looking for somethingother than "take a memo" or "send this to Senator So-And-So." But this shows that the GOP leaders weren't simply sitting on their hands in regard to Foley. Counseling him in regard to his behavior, turning the correspondance over to the FBI, sending notices to the House Clerk, etc., the GOP was doing it's job. I kow a lot of people on BOTH sides wanted this lecherous @$$ out of the House, but you can't simply arbitrarily dismiss him. You can't get rid of someone because you don't like them or their lifestyle. However, you can when they commit crimes, or are involved with serious improprieties. Mark Foley may have committed a crime (that remains to be seen, though it does appear that he did), and his behavior was hardly "model" for a congressman.

The liberals want to continue to point fingers. That's all they seem to know how to do right now. They offer nothing except a talking point. "We'd never do something like that." Uh-huh. Right. Mel Reynolds had sex with a 16 year old campaign volunteer; Gerry Studds had sex with a 17 year old male page; Don't tell me this party doesn't have skeletons in it's closet. (And no, I'm not even going into Clinton's affairs, Gary Hart's affairs, or anyone else's affairs dealing with of-age adults. That is their business, not mine.) I don't want to hear any sort of "moral high ground" that the Democrats are trying to paint for us. They've got none, just like the GOP.

Welcome to the real world, dear readers, where through God's grace we have free will, and some of us take that will a bit too far--embracing the most base in deviant desires. Neither side can stand up and proclaim itself a "moral leader" in the nation. The point being is that the GOP Hoiuse leaders didn;t sit on their laurels. They addressed the issue as best they could. When it finally came to light that he hadn't stopped and was still chasing pages, the leaders asked him for his resignation. That's more than I can say for the Democrats.

Sabrina McKinney


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