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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Shoe Meet Foot: A Pot And Kettle Moment For Howling Mad Howie

What does it say about a political party when two of their biggest leaders are gifts that keep on giving? John Kerry's disgustingly inept statements earlier this week regarding our troops was bad enough. But now, as Ian @ Hot Air notes Howling Mad Howie did not want to be left out. His statement that is drawing attention is:

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said Wednesday that President Bush is a lot like Richard Nixon, except that the disgraced former president wasn’t incompetent.

In remarks to reporters at Vermont Democratic Party headquarters, the former Vermont governor who briefly ran for president in 2004 cited what he described as similarities between Bush and the late former president, who is the nation’s only chief executive to have resigned from office.

The piece above comes from NewsMax, which we rarely cite as a source. But they get the quotes right, and the above quote is a gem. He is calling the president--a man who has beaten the Democrats "like a bongo drum" in two elections--incompetent. If this is not a pot and kettle moment, then I do not know what is.

This statement comes fromt he man that could not rally his own party late last year as everyone was gearing up for the midterms. This is a man who could not put together a platform for the party, and when one was finally devised, so many people within the party had their own ideas regarding a Democrat agenda that they did not follow the Howler.

And, of course, his quote begs a simple question should the Democrats not gain what they have predicted in this year's midterms: Who is the more incompetent person? The head of the DNC who cannot rally his "troops," or the president who is leading a prosperous nation, working on winning a war, and has won two elections?

If Howling Mad Howie wants to take a close look at incompetence, he might want to try the nearest mirror.



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