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Friday, May 11, 2007

Who still thinks that China is our "friend?"

Yeah, they're our "friend" all right in the same way the Saudis are. Look, we're in a war with China as much as we are with the Islamofascists. The difference is we're not shooting at China. But they do have spies and Bill Gertaz from the Washington Times picks up on one story today that should have all of us concerned and outraged:

A Chinese-born engineer was convicted in federal court in California yesterday of being an unregistered Chinese agent who conspired to supply defense technology to Beijing.

Chi Mak, 66, was found guilty of helping provide China unclassified but export-controlled information, including data on a submarine electronic system and a quiet electronic propulsion system planned for future warships.

Mak was found guilty of conspiracy to violate export regulations and for failing to register as a Chinese agent, after several days of deliberations. The trial lasted six weeks.

"We were confident from the start, and we're very happy with the verdict," Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Staples said.

Sentencing was set for Sept. 10, and Mak faces up to 35 years in prison. Mak at first showed no emotion when the verdict was read but then appeared to fight tears as defense attorney Marilyn Bednarski teared up and rubbed his back.

Prosecutors dropped charges accusing Mak of exporting. They said Mak's brother Tai Mak was the courier in the spy ring and will face those charges in a later trial.

The trial was the first in what U.S. officials say will be several cases involving a family spy ring that also included both Mak brothers' wives and Tai Mak's son Billy Mak. A second trial is set for June 5. Chi and Tai Mak were born in Guangdong, China; Chi Mak is a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Prosecutors may try to use yesterday's verdict to reach plea bargains with other family members.

Chi Mak was an electrical engineer at Power Paragon, a defense contractor for the Navy. Power Paragon is a subsidiary of L-3/SPD Technologies/Power Systems Group. Among the projects on which Mak worked were the Navy's Quiet Electric Drive, which officials said is a high-technology system that will allow huge ship engines to run as quiet as a Lexus at idle.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Craig Missakian said in closing arguments Monday that Mak was "spying for China" and sought to provide China's military with "a window into the engine room of a submarine."

Mak denied he was a spy for China and said under defense questioning in the trial that he had done nothing wrong by supplying his brother Tai Mak with the defense technology documents, which prosecutors say Tai Mak had encoded on computer disks before traveling to China to give them to Pu Pei-liang, a researcher at the Chinese Center for Asia Pacific Studies at Zhongshan University, which has links to China's military.

Investigators arrested Tai Mak and his wife at Los Angeles International Airport in October 2005 with the documents in their luggage that were labeled "proprietary" and "restricted" for export. Chi Mak and his wife were arrested at their home.

U.S. officials close to the case said the spying operation showed China's sophistication at gathering defense technology to further Beijing's rapid military buildup. The trial provided a rare look into the shadowy world of Chinese technology collection efforts in the United States.

As the trial shows, he was not the only agent involved here. This was a family affair. Do you all think that he's the only one or that this is the only case? If you do, you're fooling yourselves, and you're probably the sort of person who doesn't believe the jihadis have sleeper cells in the US. They do, China does.

This world is a very dangerous place. It's full of people who dislike us, and of those that hate us. China hates us because we are a freedom-loving democracy rather than a Communist ally to them. (Granted, at the rate the government keeps putting socialist-like programs in place China may not have to wait much longer.) The Islamofascists hate us because we don't put Allah above all else, and we haven't instituted a brutal theocratic regime like they want. As far as I'm concerned both can just continue to hate us, because we're not rolling over for them, and we're not going to stop being a freedom-loving and freedom-promoting nation.

Publius II


Blogger amos said...

Everything is sucking out of the USA.
The Arabs are pulling out their investments.
The rest of the world are heading for E.U.
The US Dollars are punchured for strenght.
So why not the 'Papers on technology' as well.

12:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to China, I have several times to Shanghai for extended stays and there was no clue that they "hate the US." It was quite the contrary, they practically worship American culture and values, etc. Shanghai is closer to a laissez-faire economy than the U.S. is. The government in China does exactly what anyone in power does, they want to keep their positions and the power that comes along with it. So, right now, China is in a tumultuous time in its history with the market economies battling the communist one. It is very myopic to say that China hates us. Please stop believing everything you hear and read about China in the U.S. media, you are being force fed vomit. We are in the midst of a Cold War with China.

12:23 PM  

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