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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Are There Any Other Questions Of WHY The MSM IS Failing?

It has been a long day for both of us. We worked for just over three hours on our review of Mark Steyn's brilliant missive, "America Alone." THAT is the reason why our other four posts have been short today. Hey now, you have no idea the work we go through each day (and even my husband admits that I have been carrying more -than-my-share of the load recently; 'bout time--maybe he can help carry the load a little on Thursdays).

So, I am making this MY final post of the day. My hands and wrists hurt. Hugh Hewitt lets readers know that the dinosaur media--the "dead tree industry," as my hubby calls them--failed again. This picture from a Minnesota National Guard unit is their answer to John Kerry's utter idiocy. We will remember that this elected offical claimed the troops in Iraq were supposedly as dumb as a box of rocks. I did not take that statement as targeted as those soldiers, but I took it as indicting ALL of our soldiers as being stupid.

Sorry if I do not get a joke that did not seem to be a joke at all.

And I believe that this picture represents the feelings and thoughts of the soldiers in the field right now, whether they be in Iraq, Afghanistan, or elsewhere. However, military regulations and law prevent them from speaking out about it. So these troops took matters into their own hands, and issued a blanket response. My hat (if I ever wore one) is off to them,a nd I support their response 110%.

This picture was released yesterday in a Freeper thread, and it literally ripped across the Internet. It was picked up by almost every major blog (and even small fish like us even though we still have not figured out the picture part of the site yet), and finally hit Drudge Report/li> by early afternoon. At that point, based on averages, over fifteen million people saw this picture. And even the dinosaur media has to admit that they check Drudge's site sometime throughout the day.

Yet only TWO PAPERS out of 520 showed that picture on their front page, after three days of H*ll unleashed on John Kerry over his dim, doltish, and dopey comments on Monday. Aaron picked that up after an extensive search all day to find out how many idiot editors decided to omit this from the story that was very much on the verge of costing the Democrats the midterm elections.

Now we have the proof that the dinosaur media is anything but MAINSTREAM (so QUIT using the term). Your honor, I present exhibit A: a Hugh Hewitt e-mailer:

Hi Hugh~

I just got off the phone with the OC Register news desk. I called thismorning and ranted about them not running the great picture of oursoldiers with their "Halp Jon Carry" sign. To their credit, theyreturned the call. The man I spoke with was unfamiliar with the picture, but enough readers had complained to pique his interest. (Howcould he not be aware of it??) He asked me where I saw it, and I told him it was all over the internet. When he asked for a site, I sent him to Powerline. He had never heard of Powerline. (??!!) He explained that the AP didn't make that picture available to them. I told them that the NY Post ran it. He quickly did a little internet searching and ascertained that the photo had come from a radio station in Minnesota, and the AP is now making it available. I asked him if theywould be running the picture tomorrow, and he said that it's not really news anymore. I told him that the apology is not being well-received by the military, and as far as they're concerned, the story is not over. He told me that the military is not supposed to bepolitically active! I told him that this isn't political on their part; they were insulted by a US senator with a history of insulting and slandering the military. They've just been insulted again and been given an insufficient "apology" which they don't accept. He said thanks for the info and basically ended our conversation. So frustrating that the paper I subscribe to has people on staff - the"news staff" - who are so woefully uninformed. Time to cancel? Thank you for your wonderful show!

Janet G

You honor, I rest my guess. The dinosaur media is dead, dying, and buried, and woefully inadequate to handle the reporting of "news," not matter how insignificant it may seem for some, and how prominent it is for the majority.



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